Side Quest: A Real Life Game of Clue at the St. Augustine Lighthouse

Side Quest is the newest adventure at the St. Augustine Lighthouse designed to be similar to escape room activities that have been popping up all over towns across the country. This was my first experience trying something like this, luckily we had some escape room experts among our midst.

A Real-Life Game of Clue

It was literally like a real-life game of clue. We were free to explore the grounds and structures to find the clues to solve the case, but we did have a leader we could go back to for clues if needed. A traditional escape room has everyone stuck in one location and TV screens with clues. We did not find any of that here on this adventure. Instead, the clues took us to many different locations throughout the grounds. The sun had set and we were the only group on the premises for the hour-long adventure.

Keys, a compass, and lots of crazy codes to detect! It was a lot at the beginning, but once we finally got on the right “path” we were off and running (literally). We had wasted so much time we had no choice! Teamwork was essential to solving the mystery.


After a very rocky start of missing some important clue decoding, we were able to solve the case with just minutes to spare! At times having 8 in the group felt like a little too much, I might suggest that you keep the group at 6. However, everyone contributed to at least one part of the clue detection throughout the process. It was unanimous that we all enjoyed our time and the creators put a lot of time and effort into creating such an interesting mix of clues.


Here are the Details

If you are looking for something to entertain your older kids and young adults, this is the perfect attraction to keep them busy and to make some memories. Make a day of it and explore the Lighthouse by day and night! The Lighthouse has a variety of tours from daytime tower climbs to Dark of the Moon Ghost Tours along with the new Side Quest.

Side Quest

  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only at 6 pm
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in
  • One hour (whether you solve it or not)
  • Adult: $19.95  Child (under 12): $17.95 (4 and under free of charge)
  • Combine with a Lighthouse Tour and/or Dark of the Moon Ghost Tour for 15% off

The Fitzwater family and friends would like to thank the St. Augustine Lighthouse for allowing us to try out this new adventure and share with our followers our experience. We count it as a pleasure to be invited to give Side Quest a try. Side Quest was more than we had anticipated and know that it will become a popular attraction at the Lighthouse.

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