The Cargo Hold {Ripley’s Gift Shop}

Ok.  Let me start off by saying that St. Augustine has more than it’s share of tacky gift shops.  I mean, does anyone really need a shirt with a skinny-bikinni-clad-chick printed on it?  No.  Those aren’t cute, people.

So, in a town that’s constantly warding off a Tacky T-shirt Shop takeover, it’s refreshing to find a gift shop that knows just the right way to be cheesy.  Enter The Cargo Hold after a walk through Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum and you’re bound to find you can’t leave without.

Ben, my teen, found a great souvenir pen he couldn’t live without.  I should have seen it coming.  I mean, what teen just has to have a PEN???  Yeah, I’m a noob.  So he hands me his new pen…

… and I click the end so I can test it, like a good Mamma… and…

Yeah.  It was a shock pen.  And that little sucker zapped me waaaay more than you’d think!  You should definitely buy one and beat your teen to it.  Hmph.

We had a lot of fun trying on glasses.  I was expressly forbidden to post pictures of my son, but Lauren and I enjoyed making fools of ourselves (after all, isn’t that what Ripley’s is all about?!) so here are some of our favorites:

Don’t you want to go now?  I mean, if this much fun can be had with SUNGLASSES…

The Cargo Hold is the {cheesy} gift shop at Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.  Great selection of goofy glasses, Ripley’s themed T-shirts and magnets and princess stuff.  Believe it or not!


  1. Barb Kolbe says

    45 years ago, my dad gave me a brass hamsa hand charm that I wore around my neck every day. On the back side of the charm, “Ripley’s Believe it or not” was wrote in raised letters.
    My dad died 30 years ago. My charm fell off my chain the day he died. (he died as a result of a mugging)
    I have been trying to find a charm like the one I lost for 30 years.

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