The Gifted Cork

Seven hand-picked wines + six hand-crafted chocolates = 1 enchanting new tradition!  The Valentines Wine & Chocolate Pairing at The Gifted Cork was a perfect beginning to a fun Friday night with friends.

First- if you haven’t been to The Gifted Cork you really should pop in.  We’ve appreciated their great selection of wines for a couple of years- this is the only shop I can find the sweet sparkling red I love {Sangue di Giuda}.  It’s the place to go for gifts as well- they have everything from wine charms to aprons to bags that keep your wine cold- perfect for a Valentine’s Day or Summer picnic… or for laughs with friends who love their wine a little too much.  Need another reason to stop in?  They offer wine tastings daily (try four for $5)!

For our Valentines Wine Tasting on a drizzly Friday night, The Gifted Cork paired their wines with Claude’s chocolates:

Rose’s Sweet Red was the second wine of the evening.  (We started with a refreshing and affordable Louis Perdrier Brut – $9.99) Light and sweet, it paired well with the perfectly crunchy Almond Truffle from Claude’s.

By the time our group meandered outside, the rain had let up and we were able to enjoy the crisp night air.  The wines served outside were progressively bolder and perfect to warm when a cool breeze blew.  The Malbec wasn’t my favorite, but a friend liked it so much we traded… my wine for her Dark Heart of Passion chocolate truffle.  Perfect.

My favorite pairing of the evening was the Chocolate Box Shiraz ($17.99) with Claude’s Mayan Spice Truffle.  The spicy truffle was a perfect compliment to the wine!  Wow!  If you’ve never experienced how wine & food can bring out the best in each other, it’s time to stop in & ask Jean for some recommendations.

The Pineau des Charentes (Prunier, $33.99) was the discovery of the night.  A sweet white which gets it’s flavor from cognac- this would pair well with fruit and cheese or stand alone as a dessert wine.

Sometimes rainy nights are the best for finding new favorites and celebrating food, friendship and love.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

64 Hypolita Street , St. Augustine


  1. Leslie says

    Good wines and friendly service BUT we bought $200 of wine and she still charged us $10 for the tasting! Didn’t notice until we got home and looked at receipt. We would have told them to keep it if we had known. I have never been charged for a tasting when I bought wine. Never going back.

    • says

      So sorry you were disappointed! When we’ve attended their tastings, it’s been an “event” so I didn’t expect them to comp it. I can understand the disappointment if you thought you were “sampling” wines though. Hope you at least went home with some good bottles!! 😉

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