11 Days: A Florida Snowman

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St. Augustine Christmas countdown

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Okay, Florida cold- as in we need scarves with our tank tops.

We may not have snow on the ground- but our family still made a magical Florida Snowman!! I first came up with this idea after reading Thriving Family Magazine.  A Mom wrote in that they were stuck in the house during a blizzard and the kids were going stir crazy… so she and her hubby brought in buckets of snow and filled the bathtub for a fun wintertime playtime!

Brilliant, I thought!!  But where can I get a bathtub full of snow??

St. Augustine Christmas countdown 11: Build a Florida Snowman!!


Snow Plan B: Sonic crushed ice.  We have a “Twice the Ice” machine blocks from our home but I couldn’t remember if it makes crushed or cubed ice.  So I picked up 5 bags of ice for $7.90.  The St. Augustine Sonic is located at 704 East Geoffrey Street.  If you’re not in St. Augustine, use the Sonic Locator to find a Sonic near you.  {Note to self: Crushed ice rocks! Pick some up for our next party.}

St. Augustine Christmas countdown

We dumped the ice in one end of the bathtub, gathered snowman parts and went to town!  I used all edible stuff since it was lunchtime- grapes, carrot sticks, carrot pennies, red bell pepper smiles… some of it went straight from the bowl into their mouths.  {Shh… don’t tell them that was my plan all along!}

St. Augustine Christmas countdown

Okay- so I must admit the actual snowman building was a FLOP.  The ice isn’t fine enough to really stick together & stand up.  After the ice sat for a while, it did stick together better & we made snowballs, but we couldn’t insert carrots, etc, w/o breaking them apart.  I guess you need powder fine snow for a REAL snowman… You Northerners knew that all along, didn’t you?

I’ve never built a real snowman so I’m learning as I go!!  We did make a few “mounded snowmen” and then they just had fun playing in the ice.  Make sure to leave the drain open so the water drains as the ice melts.

St. Augustine Christmas countdown

Of course a REAL Florida snowman is made at the beach out of sand.  A photo of a “Florida Snowman” could look like you’re in the snow…  except the polished toes wiggling in the sand & the short sleeved shirt giving away the gorgeous temperatures here!

St. Augustine Christmas countdown

There’s a creative thinker in every crowd.  My 7 year old is that guy.  He went in to play with a bowl (I thought for scooping) then came out with a perfectly mounded sno cone!  He added root beer syrup from our SodaStream & sat down with a Sno Cone dessert.  Ha!  Not what I intended… but I wanted them to have fun & make a new memory.  He certainly accomplished that!

How to make a Florida Snowman in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Buy Ice (can try to make shaved ice in a blender- but that’d be enough for a cookie sheet instead of tub & mine kept on sticking in the container)

  2. Dump in tub (leave drain open)

  3. Gather decorations (buttons, ribbon for a scarf, hats, doll clothes, sticks, fruit & veggies, etc)

  4. Put on gloves and have fun!

Use leftover ice for sno cones, snowball fights in the backyard or to drop down your teen’s back which then results in an indoor snowball fight! Now THIS is a St. Augustine Christmas countdown memory worth making! Merry Christmas!


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    Wow! That was awesome. I gotta remember that. I do remember when it actually snowed in St. Augustine back in ’77. That was super cool. We had such a blast!

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