Harry’s for the Holidays

There are many reasons to enjoy Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille when you’re in St. Augustine.  For starters, they have white lights and great live music year round, not just during Nights of Lights.  Another reason: a great sea breeze blows into the courtyard through the open gates, making it feel like the holidays even when the rest of the city is dripping with 97% humidity!

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Harry’s seasonal menu offers many more reasons to love Harry’s for the Holidays:

1. Pumpkin Martini

Wow- enjoy your holiday pumpkin pie in a martini glass!  The bartender mixed this up from scratch- they cook the pumpkin & spices then mix with vodkas and a little splash of holiday magic before shaking and pouring just for you!  The sugar rimmed glass looks festive and adds a kiss of sweetness to the already perfect drink.  It’s thick and rich- order one and sip on your dessert all night long!!

2. Oreo Beignets

When I heard “fried oreos” I honestly thought yuck!!!  But we bravely tried them {umm… we don’t count calories when we eat at Harry’s!} and WOW.  These suckas are good!!  The white chocolate bourbon sauce drizzled over them elevates them from quirky fair food {I’m thinking of fried twinkies} to gourmet amazingness.  One of the waitresses told me the chef guards these with her wooden spoon- all the servers love them!  So when you order, make sure there are SIX on your plate… 😉  Not that you’ll be able to eat all six… share with 4 or 6 of your closest friends.

3. Free food for you when you give Harry’s as a gift

When you purchase $100 in gift cards, Harry’s gives you a Christmas present- $3o!  {FYI: You can’t redeem the day you purchase them.}  Go on a Monday night and kick back to Stu’s acoustic guitar music… you’ll need a night of relaxation once the Holiday Calendar goes into effect!  Ack!

4. Sweet Corn Grits & Collard Greens

I ordered  Mahi Acadiana with Tasso Ham Cream Sauce & enjoyed the grits and collards more than the Mahi!  The grits were creamy and slightly spicy, just how I like them.  They may be as good as my GeGe’s… but don’t tell her!

4. Holiday Trio

The trio is filet medallions, lobster bites and shrimp scampi… I hope you’re hungry!

There are a lot of restaurants that are consistently delish in St. Augustine.  The things that set Harry’s apart for me are the live music in the courtyard, the size {it’s easy to go with a lot of friends- especially on slower nights like Mondays!}, Redfish on the menu {I puffy heart redfish}, and the great desserts.

I guarantee I’ll be back for that pumpkin martini- it was thick and creamy… kind of a fall version of eggnog.  I hope they make it every year because it just became my favorite fall drink!  See ya there!

Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille in St. Augustine
46 Avenida Menendez

My hubby and I were guests of Harry’s so we could share their holiday menu with you.  Thoughts, photos, and those amazing oreo beignets are mine-  all mine…


  1. Teresa says

    Harrys is always a must go to place for us. As of last year Kingfish Grill has become another. Love both of these places.

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