April 1, 2015: Air B&B Meets Historic St Augustine

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. In this one, Air B&B announces its first partnership with the medical community!! St. Augustine’s Spanish Military Hospital takes a step forward in creating history with eyes on successes of the past.

New inpatient care bridges affordable healthcare gap with traditional healing arts.

Air B&B Meets Historic St Augustine:

Immersion Experience at the Spanish Military Hospital

As the stabilizing economy sees St. Augustine’s tourism increase, The Spanish Military Hospital is expanding beyond the traditional tour experience. They announced their new “Medical Tourism Packages” on April 1, 2015.

“The Spanish followed medical practices that prevented the spread of disease and infection long before it was common practice in European countries. We hope to continue this legacy of innovation in medical care here at the Spanish Military Hospital,” said Director Tryanything.

Long known for their advocacy of traditional and herbal healing practices Native Americans taught Spanish settlers in the 17th and 18th century, the Hospital invites sunburned and footsore tourists to experience long-lost healing arts.

The new “Sueños de la Muerte Suite” will be the first to open off the apothecary’s garden April 1, 2015 and will receive patients with minor illnesses such as malaria, measles and mumps.

The Spanish Military Hospital’s goal is to “Go Local” and promote local products throughout visitors’ living history healing experience. The Old Drugstore resurrected an herbal and opium tincture that sold wildly in the late 1800s and are selling it exclusively through the gift shop. St. Augustine Distillery Vodka is used in sterilization and accepted for services in trade and their Agricol Rum is used as a numbing agent and carrier for herbal tinctures. Visitors need not stay at the hospital for a prescription of these potent tonics. The Spanish Military Hospital aims to make healthcare and healing affordable and accessible to all.

Locally grown hemp rope is provided gratis for patients to bite on during amputations. “All trial patients saw remarkable results,” Señor Hurtnomore said. “We even had the first successful amputation on site in over 100 years!” The patient was unavailable for comment.

In a time where insurance companies act like the robber barons of days gone by and healthcare costs constantly increase, the Spanish Military Hospital Museum exploits embraces medical tourism and hopes that, if nothing else, you’ll allow them to tickle your funny bone.

We get bragged about a lot here in St. Augustine… and made fun of sometimes, too. This piece was made up by myself purely for entertainment on April 1, 2015. In other words, APRIL FOOLS!!!

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    haha that is funny…we actually used Air B&B to book a beach house in crescent beach for our family coming to visit in July…hopefully nothing crazy happens! HA!

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