In the News: History Channel’s 8 Things About St. Augustine

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. Have you heard the latest?!? The History Channel featured us in a trivia-type post. Will YOU know all the answers? Read more below…


8 Things You May Not Know About St. Augustine, Florida {excerpts}

…explore some illuminating facts about the oldest continually occupied settlement of European origin in the continental United States, which pre-dated Jamestown and Plymouth by decades.

1. All previous attempts to settle Florida had ended disastrously.

2. St. Augustine’s primary purpose was to thwart the French.

3. St. Augustine has been attacked numerous times.

4. Slaves were encouraged to flee there.

5. The English briefly controlled St. Augustine.

6. The city was a refuge for loyalists during the Revolutionary War.

7. St. Augustine’s fort served as a prison for captured Native Americans.

8. The city was a key location in the civil-rights movement.

Click through to History’s “History in the Headlines: St Augustine” post to read interesting tidbits about each of those 8 facts. You’ll be better prepared for the next #TriviaTuesday on our St. Augustine facebook group!

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