Parks in St Augustine

St Augustine Parks

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Spring Break is the perfect time to explore all the pocket parks, preserves and playgrounds you usually speed by on the way to work, soccer practice or back home again. Even after living on the First Coast for 18 years, we still haven’t spent time in all the parks we want to!

This spring, I’m determined to whittle away at my list of parks in St. Augustine. As I review a park, I’ll turn it into a hyperlink. You can also browse by image and excerpt below! If you don’t see your favorite on the list, point me in the right direction!

Parks in St. Augustine

  • Minorcan Mama Remembers Ravine Gardens in Palatka

    Minorcan Mama has a Springtime Throwback Thursday for us today! Jennifer is a life-long local a blogger friend… I always love reading her memories like this one about healing waters in St. Augustine and this one on Christmases past in St ...

  • Where to Run in St. Augustine

    Everyone knows St. Augustine is a walking town. Wide sidewalks, cool breezes off the water, and a picture-perfect bridge all make St. Augustine a great place to run, too! If you’re curious where to run in St. Augustine, read on… I’ve mapped ...

  • Pomar Park

    Once a week, my big kids have a 2 hour class in the afternoon. The littles and I have just enough time to hit a park, check out some books from the library or grab cupcakes. Last week we stumbled upon ...

  • Moses Creek Conservation Area

    St Augustine Nature Preserve

    St. Augustine boasts well over 25,000 acres of public lands- it’s an incredible place to enjoy nature and take in The Real Florida.  While playgrounds like the Carousel Park and downtown’s SWING park are easy to spot, the nature preserves ...

  • Canopy Shores Park

    Canopy Shores Park

    Not all parks are created equally.  That’s one of the reasons I’m sharing our family’s visits to various St. Johns County Parks and nature trails… so you can really enjoy your time outside.  Canopy Shores wasn’t my favorite- but it ...

  • SWING Park

    SWING park downtown st augustine

    Kids love St. Augustine and St. Augustine loves kids.  Here’s proof- a massive, wooden playground downtown. It’s referred to as that playground downtown and the playground by the parking garage and the music playground in downtown St. Augustine.  It’s actually the S.W.I.N.G. Project.  St. Augustine’s Wish {for ...

  • Stokes Landing Conservation Area

    Stokes Landing Observation Tower

    You would never stumble on this conservation area.  The only people hiking Stokes Landing are locals or those who tracked down a hike with a view of the marsh.  It’s a St. Augustine nature walk with a surprise at the ...

  • Palencia Pirate Ship Park

    Palencia Pirate Ship Park

    ** UPDATE: Palencia’s Pirate Ship Park is no longer home to this big, wooden ship. They’ve gone to a newer style play space ideal for younger children. ** Next time your kiddos are being crazy and you’re tempted to tie ’em ...

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