Canopy Shores Park

Not all parks are created equally.  That’s one of the reasons I’m sharing our family’s visits to various St. Johns County Parks and nature trails… so you can really enjoy your time outside.  Canopy Shores wasn’t my favorite- but it has some perks.  Here’s the scoop:

Canopy Shores Park is nestled in The Shores neighborhood.  We could see some water when we parked and I was really excited to watch the sun set while walking along the trail or on a pier… we weren’t sure what lay ahead.

The trail through Canopy Shores Park is paved, making this an easy walk for anyone.  Too bad the little girls didn’t have their tricycles!  Daddy and the boys walked ahead, eager to relax overlooking the water.

We never came to any water.  This trail is completely wooded.  The glimpse of blue we saw from the parking lot is as close as you get.  We may have enjoyed the trail more if we knew that ahead of time… it was a let down to get back to the car and realize this isn’t the park with the water view!  The kids didn’t mind, though, because they liked playing on the exercise equipment sprinkled along the path.

This equipment is no joke! I couldn’t even do some of the exercises!  If you jogged this loop & did the machines a few times a week, you’d be in pretty good shape!

Timothy was excited to find the elliptical- a machine he could use.

The Good:

  • Paved trails are easy for all ages.
  • Exercise equipment on the loop makes for a good workout
  • Plenty of parking
  • Clean bathrooms

The Bad:

  • The water view from the parking lot is a tease!
  • Skeeters at dusk.  But then they’re in any wooded area at dusk!

The Beautiful:

  • You are so close to Cold Cow & you just exercised on your walk that you must indulge in an amazing, homemade ice cream cone!

Canopy Shores Park
804 Christina Drive


  1. Linda McPherson says

    What a beautiful park….makes our walk so much more enjoyable….would be nice if a few more benches could be added for those who find a need to rest a little more often. This park is certainly a plus to the Shores Area. Thank you.

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