Pomar Park

pomar St Augustine waterfront park

Once a week, my big kids have a 2 hour class in the afternoon. The littles and I have just enough time to hit a park, check out some books from the library or grab cupcakes. Last week we stumbled upon Pomar Park. Tucked between Masters Drive and the San Sebastian River, it’s a quiet place to get away from the city’s bustle during the day… until the ball fields fill with football, baseball and soccer kids with dreams of pro sports. Oh, and there’s a dog park, too… the only one in St. Augustine’s city limits!

During hot summer days, the covered picnic area is a huge draw.

pomar dog park fishing dock athletic fields
Pomar Park boasts a covered picnic area.

Our favorite part is the boardwalk out onto the marsh:

park on the water in st augustine pomar
Blue skies, happy children and the wind rustling marsh grass… it’s a little piece of heaven!

If you’re looking for a few moments of peace and quiet, this is the place. If you’re looking for a great fishing pier, don’t bother. It’s tidal- when we were there only a few inches of water were in the slough. We saw a couple of crabs and a couple of minnows and a discarded bait trap…  but no redfish swirls to make my hubby’s heart pitter patter.

Wesley was the only one pitter pattering along the dock… and he was determined to crawl off the edge! Although the boardwalk has rails on both sides, the dock at the end does not.

pomar park st augustine
Wesley was glad for freedom when we headed back to the van. The end of the dock has no rails so he had to stay in my arms.

Close to town but not populated with tourists, {No offense, tourists! We love you- most of the time!} Pomar park’s views draw us back again & again!

Pomar Park
Baseball, Football & Soccer Fields, Dog Park, Kayak Launch, Dock into the Marsh
1600 Masters Drive

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