Kids love St. Augustine and St. Augustine loves kids.  Here’s proof- a massive, wooden playground downtown.

It’s referred to as that playground downtown and the playground by the parking garage and the music playground in downtown St. Augustine.  It’s actually the S.W.I.N.G. Project.  St. Augustine’s Wish {for its} Next Generation.  And it’s a whole lotta fun.

This playground has one way in and one way out- and it’s a good thing because you will loose your kids in the tangle of fun.

There are swings at S.W.I.N.G. park…

… and musical instruments.  Timothy always goes straight to the xylophone.

There are tubes to climb, towers to master, tire swings to spin on… so.much.fun!!

I usually sit back and sip a latte from Kookaburra– my favorite coffee shop in St. Augustine. {If you’re a local & like discounts, make sure to get a punch card!

Oh, there are slides, too.  And a giant ruler you can use as a growth chart! {can’t find my photo of that- oops. But that would be a fun way local way to track your kid’s growth!}

My little kids enjoy the smaller side of the park & the big kids have a blast running around the “big side”.  You can park in the parking garage {locals- make sure to get a Park Now Card for discounted parking} for easy access.

Project S.W.I.N.G.
Downtown St. Augustine in St. Francis Field
Easy parking in the parking garage.


  1. says

    I need to go there one day. It looks cool. I’ve been to a lot of cities that have parks that look just like this and basically the whole neighborhood helped build the park. My cousins town have one and they have their name on a piece of wood that makes up the fence.

  2. Kelly says

    We keep meaning to take my niece there, but we’re usually there during something like the Celtic Festival, so it often gets forgotten in the excitement. One of these days!

    • says

      It’s big enough to enjoy on a busy day but we prefer to go when it isn’t super busy so we can keep an eye on our own kiddos more easily. Next day off, take a picnic there!

  3. ROSANNE says

    I have a question regarding the picnic area. Can a picnic table or area be reserved also, can we grill there.


    • says

      No grills that I’ve noticed, Rosanne. And you’d have to call the parks department to find out about the reservation policy. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. says

    We take my two sons there all the time. With a “Park Now” card, it’s only $3.00 to park in the garage across the street.. I love the fact that there’s only the one long fenced pathway in, since both my boys are Autistic.

    They have an absolute riot there, and while they play, I get to play… My Guitar, which I seldom have the chance to play at home, since they’re never distracted enough there to allow it. They love to run around on the wooden structure with all the towers, and my older son loves the little cubby holes and tunnels that go all through the thing which gives him a chance to get away from the action for a few minutes when he needs to do so.

    One of the best parks I’ve ever seen…

    • says

      I love hearing how this park is a blessing to your family!! I hope we’re there at the same time one day- I’d love to listen to guitar while the kids laugh in the background… that sounds like a perfect park day! Thanks for sharing! ~Allie O.

    • Coral Dreams says

      Thanks! My kid is also on the spectrum. I’m visiting this summer

      • Heather says

        It’s a great park and a nice break for the kiddos.

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