Where to Run in St. Augustine

Everyone knows St. Augustine is a walking town. Wide sidewalks, cool breezes off the water, and a picture-perfect bridge all make St. Augustine a great place to run, too! If you’re curious where to run in St. Augustine, read on… I’ve mapped out 4 great runs with views you won’t want to miss!


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Where to Run in St. Augustine

I’ll start with a confession: I only run when somebody makes me. We run at TitanUp Fitness once a week or so and every now and then my hubby or my daughter will talk me into a jog… even then, you’re certainly more likely to find me doing the 1 mile loop than the 5k! But when you’re somewhere new and it’s as lovely as St. Auggie, you may as well continue your good habits!

If you’re planning ahead where to run in St. Augustine, I’ve outlined 1 mile, 3 mile (aka 5k), 5 mile and marathon routes for you. Enjoy your exercise with St. Augustine’s lovely views… and watch out for cars!

1 Mile Loop: El Castillo to Bayfront Marin


  • Parking: Park in the Castillo parking lot. Locals, use your Park Now Card! And tourists, read the meters! You don’t have to pay in the early mornings or evenings.
  • Stretching: There’s plenty of space to stretch before your run at the Castillo. A brown bin as you exit the parking lot makes it easy to recycle your Noble Energy Juice bottle after hydrating.
  • Route: It’s a straight shot!
    • Start at the Castillo and run south, along the bayfront.
    • You’ll only have to cross traffic once- watch for cars and respect the signals at the base of the Bridge of Lions.
    • Run pass the old Santa Maria restaurant until you see a cheery yellow bed and breakfast on your right. Turn around at Bayfront Marin House. Mike and Sandy are the friendly inn-keepers. Stop in for a cup of water if you’d like. If you’re running with your dog, they’ll get water for your pup as well!
where to run in St. Augustine
This is the view from our fave room at Bayfront Marin. I usually wave at the runners… now I’ll be the one panting out there! Gotta get back in shape!

3 Mile Route (5k, 3.11 miles): Uptown, Along the Bayfront and Back thru Town

  • Parking: Park in the Mission of Nombre de Dios parking lot. Free!
  • Stretching: Make sure to warm up & cool down by strolling the peaceful grounds of the Mission.
  • Route: It’s a square-ish!
    • Start at the Mission and run south on the sidewalk, along San Marco Avenue. Window shop as you jog by!
    • Continue as in the previous run but pass Bayfront Marin. Avenida Menendez doglegs and becomes St. Francis Street at the National Guard building. Follow St. Francis Street.
    • Turn right (north) on Cordova. You’ll run past a few residences and then past the Lightner Museum, Casa Monica Hotel and Flagler College. Continue on Cordova until it dead ends in a roundabout just past Orange Street.
    • Proceed to the route (LOL Sorry- I had to.) If you continue straight forward, you’ll run between the Parking Garage and the Visitor’s Information Center. After these buildings, follow the sidewalk to the right (east). You’ll find yourself back on San Marco Avenue!
    • Run left (north again) until you hit the Mission grounds and your car.
Mission of Nombre de Dios Love Tree
The Mission grounds are peaceful and provide plenty of space to stretch before or after your run. I love to go here for an uninterrupted place to pray and be still.

5 Mile Loop: Uptown, Over the Bridge of Lions and Back

  • Parking: Park in the Mission of Nombre de Dios parking lot. Free!
  • Stretching: Make sure to warm up & cool down by strolling the peaceful grounds of the Mission.
  • Route: You’re running bridges today!
    • Start at the Mission and run south on the sidewalk, along San Marco Avenue. Window shop as you jog by!
    • Continue along the bayfront until you reach the Bridge of Lions. Turn and run over it.
    • IF you get stuck on the bridge, read this list of 58 things to do while you’re stuck on the bridge on your phone while you wait. Or you could do some pushups. Your choice.
    • Run until you see Simple Gestures. You can’t miss it… it’s a cottage on a slight rise (Florida’s version of a hill) just after Gypsy Cab Co restaurant. If you need a break or a smile, run in and meet Stevo. You won’t regret it.
    • Retrace your steps back. BUT this is only 4.7 miles… so you may want to run to Kookaburra for a coffee to make it an even 5. Order the neuron bomb latte and don’t let the barista tell you that it’s not supposed to be a latte. Take it from the foodie… that’s the way to go.

Marathon (26.2 miles): From Beach to Beach (2 bridges)

  • Parking: Park in the Vilano Beach parking lot (put the Hampton Inn Vilano Beach in your GPS).
  • Stretching: You might as well stretch with a view of the Atlantic & St. Augustine’s inlet! Then jog over to Publix to pick up some Noble Juice for some quick, healthy energy. Your marathon starts from the Publix parking lot.
  • Route: From Vilano Beach to Anastasia Island’s Beach, including 2 bridges!
    • Start at Vilano Beach and run back over Vilano Bridge towards town. Turn left (south) at the Merry Go Round and run to the Bridge of Lions.
    • You guessed it… up and over the bridge! Keep on going. Watch out for cars. People here are a bit crazy.
    • Eventually (it seems like forever to me, but you marathon people will hardly be breathing heavy… but as I was saying…) eventually you will see the entrance to Anastasia State Park on the left. It’s just before Nalu’s Tropical Takeout (which you should stop at sometime) and Surf Station where A1A turns hard to the right.
    • Toss a few dollars at the nice lady at the state park booth and run until the road dead ends into the Atlantic Ocean again!
    • If you’re training for a triathalon, just swim back. (KIDDING! Don’t do that… there’s a lot of boat traffic in the inlet.) Whenever you’re ready, go back.
    • Also, I should mention, you will be passing Dessert First Bistro when you’re almost back to the Vilano Bridge. You should probably grab yourself a piece of AMAZING cake. These ladies know how to throw down in the kitchen! Enjoy with no regrets because you just ran a freakin’ marathon, baby!!!

Enjoy the sites! I’m so proud of you for exercising on vacation. And, if you live here, you rock! If you breeze past me (I’ll be the one with seven kids and the latest Noble Juice in my hand), yell Viva St. Augustine!!!! I’ll know you read my where to run in St. Augustine post and the kiddos and I will cheer you on!



  1. Tammy says

    Loved this!!!
    I can’t wait to get to Florida, and I’m definitely coming to visit and run St Augustine!!!

    • says

      I love hearing that! Enjoy your run and enjoy my favorite town!!! ~Allie O.

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