Gluten Free St. Augustine

When my doc asked me to go gluten-free, I felt like I’d received the death sentence! I’m a food lover, a food writer and a Southerner for pete’s sake! Some people eat to live but my family lives to eat. I could never again spread butter and honey over my GeGe’s biscuits, or serve my family French Toast Casserole on Christmas, or order Pizza on a busy night…{and the pity party continued…} That was before I learned of all the gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine.

As I’ve researched, I’ve learned that gluten-free does not equal flavorless and that there are gluten-free options in many St. Augustine restaurants. This is an amazing town for healthy eating in general and you’ll find special menus or options at lots of great restaurants, there are even gluten free biscuits as good as my grandma’s!!! So, without further ado, I present a list of gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine:

gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine.

Back 40 Urban Cafe, with their great tacos and creative, home cooked menu, has a reputation of being great for GF diners

Brewz n Dawgz is very conscious of GF & vegetarian diners. Their gourmet hot dogs are creative and they keep GF items on their menu! Who would have thought you could find a hot dog joint on the list of gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine?!

Cafe Eleven always has GF options… they even serve GF options on their weekend brunch!!

Catch 27 – Stephen, owner, shared that 16 out of 24 menu options are gluten free

Cellar 6 has a gluten free menu according to a facebook friend. (I had no idea!)

The Chianti Room has an entire GF menu to make ordering easy, just ask your server. I love their veggie garbage can pizza, can’t wait to try it gluten free.

The Columbia’s Gluten Free Menu is online so you can read up ahead of time!

Crave Food Truck sources all their veggies locally. They do not offer gf bread but do have Ezekiel sprouted grain bread… and hearty salads for those w Celiac.

Creative Juices Natural Cafe is where you head for made-from-scratch breads and the aforementioned GF Biscuits & Gravy!

Dolce Cafe is on the S end of St. George Street in the Casa Monica Hotel block. Every crepe they serve up is GF and they are light and amazing! If you’re not GF, you won’t realize you’re eating healthier! They offer vegan options as well.

Everything Bagel has gluten free breads for their sandwiches.

Fish Tales Market & Grill in front of Camachee Cove Marina added a Gluten Free menu after their daughter with Celiac visited and struggled to find a meal she could eat in health. All condiments are GF, they keep GF buns available and try to offer a GF soup daily.

Flavors on King Street next to Saint Augustine Bike Rentals has GF options. 

The Floridian apparently serves GF Chicken & Waffles. I have not had the privilege of trying these yet but believe me, it’s on the list. Their kitchen is friendly toward those with a variety of allergies.

GAS Full Service Restaurant is another place that is accommodating and happy to work through tweaking dishes to your preference. GAS is one of my fave restaurants because they’re so darn friendly!

Harry’s has a gluten sensitive menu. Unfortunately, the bread pudding  {my fave dessert ever!} is not on it.

Hot Shot Bakery rotates through gluten free cakes, loaves & muffins made from spaghetti squash! Go be surprised!

Hurricane Wings has GF wings and a facebook friend said he’s eaten there many times with success.

The Hyppo churns out the coolest popsicles in the nation. Try something new (pineapple cilantro!) or stick with a staple like strawberry. You’re sure to leave happy either way!

Juniper Market not only offers GF lunches to go but Jen will create a whole GF dinner-to-go on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pre-order by calling (904) 342-7617

La Cocina International makes everything from scratch and is a very accommodating kitchen. Chef Marcel is amazing and will ensure that your meal is top notch and gluten free!! I have enjoyed every meal at La Cocina International and elevate this to a favorite on my list of gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine.

La Pentola – My friends at said La Pentola will create gluten-free pasta if you ask when you make reservations.

The Manatee Cafe – lots of options for breakfast and lunch!

Mediterannean Shish Kabob Restaurant has many GF options and an Indian Buffet that is typically gluten free (confirm when you go)

Meehans offers GF bread for all their sandwiches.

Mellow Mushroom – Not only will MM sub veggies instead of bread for a hummus app, but they’ll make an entirely GF crust just for you!

Michaels Tasting Room‘s menu is 95% gluten free without any alterations! As a chef-owned restaurant, dishes can be tweaked if needed. MTR is easily one of my favorite Gluten Free restaurants in St Augustine!

Mojos Old City BBQ has a GF menu

Mojo Taco – order corn only shells

Ned’s Southside has a GF menu according to facebook peeps. When I’ve been, I’ve seen several GF items on the menu.

Odd Birds Bar serves several types of Arepas, which are corn based, not wheat based. They’re Cesar’s grandmother’s recipe and are delish- definitely an upgrade from typical bar food!

The World Famous Oasis Restaurant serves gluten free pancakes for breakfast. I don’t know how friendly the rest of the menu is because I haven’t been in years but you’re safe for breakfast!

The Present Moment Cafe is GF, vegetarian and organic. Most of their menu is raw and all of the menu is delish!

Purple Olive is an accommodating restaurant at the beach with an entire GF menu.

Romano’s has an awesome gluten free pizza- best in town according to this GF friend.

Sea Oats Café offers GF bread options

Sippers coffee serves gluten free, homemade baked goods with their coffee

Taverna del Caballo, a restaurant in The Colonial Quarter, offers gluten free tortillas for their quesadillas

Yofrodipity is a gluten-free, fro-yo heaven off CR210 (North St. Johns County). All flavors of frozen yogurt are GF & they have gluten free crepes!

Mojos Gluten Free Menu
Mojo BBQ has a little fun with their gluten free diners… instead of a gluten free menu, they offer a printout of menu items containing gluten.

The great thing about St. Augustine is you can #golocal and still eat healthily. But there are several chains with GF options here in St. Augustine as well. Here are the gluten free menus of: Chik Fil A, Wendy’s, Outback, Carrabba’s, Chilis, Chipotle, Applebee’s

** Putting this page together has truly been a community effort. THANK YOU to everyone who added to the list of gluten free restaurants in St. Augustine!!
Keep ’em coming, I update this regularly!! **