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Thanks for joining me on our Boston Road Trip!! I’ll include links to all my Boston posts at the end of this post.

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about Boston yet.  I told you earlier this week about 3 Experiences in the North End You Don’t Wanna Miss… today I’ve gotta highlight a couple of Italian restaurants we really enjoyed there.

First up, Antico Forno Cucina a Legna.

Cucina a Legna apparently refers to the wood fired oven they use for pizzas.  They looked & smelled good but we didn’t order any pizza in the North End- maybe we will when we return with the kiddos and need to feed a family of 8 affordably.

We started with Arancini di riso Antico Forno ($10).

Rice Balls - where have you been all my life? Surprisingly good!

Yum.  Rice balls rock.  The Italian name, Arancini di riso, sounds much more appetizing than Rice Balls.  Maybe that’s why they never took off here in the South…

I thought I’d eat light so I ordered a sandwich. ARROSTO DI AGNELLO ($9) was hearty to say the least!  Oven roasted lamb, peppers & onions dared the slices of peasant bread to touch.  It was so filling I took half back to the hotel and ate it for breakfast the next morning!

My hubby’s baked eggplant dish was amazing.  There are no words… you should just go & eat there.

Another gem we really enjoyed was The Daily Catch.  Saturday night, the line was out the door and down the block.  We figured it couldn’t be that good.  But when there was no wait for lunch the day we flew out, we jumped at the chance to see what all the hullabaloo was about even though that meant a hustle to the airport afterwards.  We weren’t disappointed!

The place is teeny tiny.  The always changing menu is on the wall in chalk and the place is cash only- which, by the way, most of North End is.  Mafia, maybe? {cue Godfather quotes}

We asked our waiter about the long wait.

“Stupid.  Nothing is that good,” he said.

But he was quick to add that their garlic broccoli is pretty delish so we started there.

My favorite thing about The Daily Catch is the teeny, open kitchen.  We sit this close to the stove in my breakfast nook! LOL! But oh, I sure did have stove envy.  All those gas burners… be still my beating heart.

Hubby and I shared an order of homemade pasta dyed with squid ink.  It was more dense than I expected but good.  Much better than the homemade pasta we attempted 8 years ago.  That was a mess.  I’d have liked to try this dense pasta with a simple butter & garlic treatment topped with some fresh basil and spicy pepper.  Next time.

We settled on balsamic tuna for the protein.  It was tangy!  Good though.  I never would’ve thought to prepare it this way.

We were too full for dessert, but if we had room for dessert, The Daily Catch is right across the street from Mike’s Pastry Boston!

So there you have it! Two restaurants you’ll love when you visit Boston!  More Boston memoirs coming soon…

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