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Welcome to the Road Trip Simply section of Simply St. Augustine! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. Right now you’re reading about what to do in Orlando.

On I-Drive, in the center of everything Orlando, cicis has gone beyond pizza. Their buffet of pizzas, soups, pastas and a basic salad bar is always stocked and ready for an affordable lunch or dinner on the fly. We don’t have a Cici’s in St. Augustine so we checked out their largest restaurant in Orlando for lunch after Wonderworks and before we hit the Embassy Suites Resort’s pool. Here’s what we LOVED {and what we didn’t}:

LOVED that you walk in, pay for the buffet {$6.99 at this location} and go get your pizza. Quick & easy is an understatement – it was breezy. It was vacation simple. This is the #1 reason it qualifies for a #RoadTripSimply post.

CiCis Pizza I Drive Orlando
If the pizza you want isn’t on the buffet, ask for your favorite and they’ll make it fresh!

LOVED that you can order any pizza that’s not on the buffet. The pizza team bakes it and brings it to your table – no extra charge! While cicis isn’t gourmet pizza, they do use fresh ingredients- I saw hand-chopped tomatoes and fresh peppers and mushrooms in the open kitchen when we visited. We were a party of 11 that Saturday… everybody picked their favorite pizza. No squabbles. No waiting. Nice.

DIDN’T LIKE the Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. That may seem like a no-brainer… as a foodie, I like actual cheese on my pizza and no need for extra carbs with my carbs. But it’s a cicis “specialty pizza” so I felt obligated to try it. I took one for the team. Don’t do it. But I did like the other specialty pizza options. They always have traditional tastes (pepperoni, supreme, cheese, etc) and a selection of adventurous tastes (buffalo chicken, olé Mexican, pineapple and ham and the aforementioned macaroni & cheese pizza to name a few). Since it’s a buffet, you can try a new flavor and discover an outside-the-box favorite! It’s like pizza dating. No commitment. LOL

LOVED the arcade. Having hot-when-you’re-ready-for-it pizza is attractive, but CiCi’s gets better. If you’re traveling with kids and adults need a breather but kids are still going strong, they can hit the arcade for some “just like when Dad was a kid” fun! There are 449 cicis locations – plan ahead and give your kids a fun break on your next #RoadTipSimply. That’s one more way to win at parenting!

CiCis Pizza Orlando Game Room
This I-Drive cicis has a large game room and several ride-on toys for preschoolers on the porch.
Orlando Game Room Cicis Pizza
The kids stopped and stared at this. Think the aliens in Toy Story, “Ooooh… the claaaaw!” I’m a fun mom and all but I told them NO! No more stuffed animals! Or minions. And especially not Sponge Bob.

LOVED the simplicity of the whole lunch. Tables are easily pulled together to make space for a large group and since it’s a quick meal, there is always room for even large parties. If there is a wait time, the arcade will keep the kids busy but waits are unusual.

LOVED the dessert pizza. Well, I should say my kids loved it. It’s super sweet – they had cinnamon roll pizza and an apple pie pizza when we were there which made my kiddos very happy. What a sweet ending!

Most people go to Orlando to play… the kids don’t want to stop for a gourmet lunch. Fast food in a family-friendly setting makes cicis an easy choice.


cicis – beyond pizza
Store Locator
Prices vary based on location, but expect to pay around $6.99 for the buffet and $2.49 for a large drink.

We were invited to try cicis as part of our Orlando media trip. Read my full disclosure if you’re curious about life as a blogger.


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    That is an impressive Cici’s. I haven’t been to a Cici’s in probably 5 years. The thing I never liked about them was the pizza sitting on the buffet seemed to have been sitting there for awhile and was always cold. I like my pizza hot. I like that you can order whatever type of pizza you want to your table. That is a really nice benefit.

    • says

      When we were there, they told us the pizza gets pulled if it sits on the bar for… uh oh… I can’t remember how long. But that location kept their pizzas rotating out. Great quick lunch option!

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