Road Trip: Consolidated Gold Mine

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Consolidated Gold Mine Georgia

When you spend an entire year looking forward to a week in the mountains and it is scheduled to rain that entire week, one must be creative to make the most of one’s vacation. Good thing we made a rainy day list!

One of the places on our rainy day list was Consolidated Gold Mine. After our visit there, we were GLAD it was raining on Monday! As soon as we arrived, they sent us to pan for gold…

Consolidated Gold Mine near helen
We panned for gold while we waited for our tour to start. A panning experience comes with each Underground Tour.

It was fun! I got the hang of it right away but didn’t have too much to show for my efforts. It turns out gold flakes are teeny tiny… so I decided to have some fun with my boys. Check out the gold & silver in MY pan!!!

okay, okay… it was an earring. But I made my boys laugh, “Mo-oooommm!” hehehe

After we’d all panned for gold, our group gathered on the patio to wait for our tour guide. We watched a video detailing the history of gold mining in the area then descended into the actual mine! This is the only gold panning experience that includes a tour of a historic mine in Georgia and it is so cool!!!

Gold Mine near Helen Georgia Consolidated
Wear closed toed shoes with traction for your Underground Tour!

The tour takes you 200 feet underground… actually, under a Wal-Mart. LOL I still get a kick out of that! In Florida, you can’t tunnel under anything unless you’re wearing scuba gear but in N Georgia, there’s an entire Supercenter above your head. Crazy.

The Consolidated guides do a great job at informing and entertaining. You’ll learn how the mines were blasted with dynamite, see tools from 100 years ago and imagine life in another era. We’ve read stories from the Gold Rush days in California; learning the closer-to-home history of Georgia’s gold rush {which actually predates California’s} was interesting and walking through these mines is an unforgettable history lesson. Some tools from a century ago are still in working order in the mine- he turned on a drill for us to hear the deafening way equipment echoed through the tunnels… which the kids thought was AWESOME.

The mines are no longer serviced but still contain some gold. My kids were on the lookout for white quartz the remainder of our vacation… that’s where the gold veins are in north Georgia! They caught the fever!

gold mine tour consolidated dahlonega
Hands-on history! Timothy holds a spike while our Consolidated Gold Mine guide swings the hammer.
Consolidated Dahlonega Gold Mine Tour
The guide was very patient. Our group had 14 children and 8 adults and he kept everyone’s attention!

 After our journey down to the depths and back out again, we needed a little more hands-on fun. It was time to mine for gems. A Super Gem Bucket {$50} was plenty for all 11 cousins to share.

Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mine
A water flume is used to clean away the sand and find rough gems!
Kids Gold Mine Consolidated
Wesley found something! I think this is a piece of petrified wood. Wesley isn’t very discriminating but he’s pretty darn cute.
Gem Mining Consolidated Gold Mine Dahlonega
All these gems were in ONE cousin’s screen! Each cousin took home about as much – they were all delighted.

I honestly wouldn’t have thought to do the gem mining. I mean, we already panned for gold, right? Wrong. The gem mining is so rewarding- they all took home a bag full and played with them & traded back and forth the rest of the week. This is definitely worth the splurge!

The gem studio is adjacent to the gem mining flumes and a jeweler is on hand to help identify rough gems. If you have a stone you’d like to wear, they will cut, polish and set it into jewelry {starts at $19 & goes up & up from there}.

Having just bought mine admissions for a family of 9, our jewelry money was all spent so my kiddos left with their unpolished gems, still happy as little clams. The whole ride back to the cabin, we heard them comparing emeralds, garnets and “turquoisey-blue stones”.

The Dahlonega Gold Rush has dried up, but a visit to Consolidated Gold Mine is still priceless.

Consolidated Gold Mine Gem Bucket
A master jeweler is on hand to help identify semi precious gems and to cut, polish and set any you fall in love with.

Consolidated Gold Mine
185 Consolidated Gold Mine Road, Dahlonega, GA
Underground Gold Mine Tour + Gold Panning $16 {$11 ages 4-14}
706-864-8473, call for seasonal hours, open RAIN or SHINE!

Consolidated Gold Mine was a blast! They generously comp’d a gem bucket so we could share that experience with you. Thanks for joining us as we #RoadTripSimply! If you want to read more Helen, Georgia Road Trip ideas, <-click there!


  1. Lesley says

    Do You have any places in at Agustin to do this?

    • says

      Although Spanish Conquistadores came to Florida in search of gold, we have never had any of this precious metal here. We did strike gold with citrus and you can pick citrus here in season… and there is plenty of sunshine to go around… but no gold mining! The North Georgia mountains are the closest gold mines to St. Augustine. 🙂 Hope that helps! ~Allie O.

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