#SimplyFit: Easy 5 Step Hotel Gym Workout

It’s no secret- I love to eat! My favorite way to explore a city is by tasting the unique dishes of the area. So even when I’m away from home, I try to work out. If you’re in the same boat as me, try this easy 5 step hotel gym workout while you’re out… then help yourself to an extra croissant! Also, this post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

I do this easy 5 step hotel gym workout if I’m away from home and can’t get the list from my TitanUp gym. Hope it helps you, too!

Y’all- I’m in San Diego!! Woot!! The great thing about vacation is… well, it’s vacation! There are sites to see, food to try, photos to take and beaches to relax on. When I got off the plane, I hopped aboard an Old Town Trolley and rode straight to Hotel del Coronado for a spa afternoon by the Pacific. Work hard, play hard- right?


This week, it’s not all play. I’m on a working vacation. I’m attending a blogging conference in San Diego, CA – but you know me! I had to tack on a few days to explore the city, dip my toes in the Pacific and chill a bit. The only bad thing about vacation? It’s so hard to get a good workout in when the gym is unfamiliar & when I get home, I’m super sore when I make it back to the gym!

Now that I’m working out daily at TitanUp, I really don’t want to skip a full week. It feels great to be active and although I’ll be walking all over town, my legs aren’t the only muscle group I need to work! So before coming out here, I asked Rachel and Morgan at TitanUp Ponte Vedra for a tried-and-true, full body workout I could do in any gym. My requirements were:

  • No fancy equipment can be utilized- hotel gyms typically have free weights, treadmills & ellipticals and occasionally a dumbbell
  • Nothing hard to track – if it’s complicated, I may just give up and go eat a cinnamon roll!
  • Full body workout so when I get back to TitanUp, I won’t be super sore from taking a week off

To keep it simple, Morgan suggested rotating through 5 simple moves. Do 12 reps x 4 rounds and if you have time left, go for a jog to take in the sights near your hotel.

Easy 5 Step Hotel Gym Workout

  • Squats – You’ve been doing these since you could walk- but here’s a quick refresher to check your form. Place a chair or weight bench behind you. Squat backwards, placing all the weight on your heels, until you can feel the seat. Then stand back up. Repeat until your thighs & butt hurt! If this is too easy, grab a kettlebell and let it touch the floor before you stand back up. Hotel adaptation: If no chair or bench are available, that’s ok! You only need it the first time to check your form! Do one or two in your hotel room before hitting the gym.
  • Curls – You know the drill. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold weights in your hands palm out. Bend at the elbow until the weight is close to your shoulder, one arm at a time, for 12 reps. Hotel adaptation: If no hand weights are available, grab a croissant and a latte instead. Tighten up those biceps! LOL! Kidding, of course. Pushups could replace curls.
  • Chest Press – Lay on the weight bench. Press the barbell up and bring back down for 12. Hotel adaptation: Not every hotel has barbells. Either use a pair of dumbbells or replace this with dips on a sturdy chair or weight bench.
  • One Arm Rows – TitanUp is big on form so I actually know how to do this correctly now! Place a dumbbell on either side of a weight bench. Kneel with one knee & one hand on said weight bench as shown in the photo. Grab the weight with your free hand, palm facing the bench. Lift the weight until it’s parallel with your chest- making sure you’re contracting back muscles for the move. Hotel adaptation: Use a mat or the floor if no bench is available. You can also lean forward and do it, but form is harder to keep tight this way.
  • Sit-Ups – Whether full sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts or planks, it’s important to focus on your core. When I work out in the hotel, I often do one round of each of these because after 7 pregnancies, my abs are weak and I don’t want to start vacation hurting. So I do a smattering of each when Morgan and Rachel aren’t keeping me on track. {shh… don’t tell!}
  • 12 reps each all the way down the line. I wear weightlifting gloves so the weights don’t destroy my hands. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds. Finish with a run and then enjoy tasting your way around your vacation town with no regrets!
After finishing my easy 5 step hotel gym workout, I joined a 5k that ran past my hotel on the San Diego bay. What a motivation to stay moving!

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It doesn’t take a ton of equipment to stay in shape! Even on vacation, you can stay Simply Fit! Try this easy 5 step hotel gym workout.

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