Road Trip Tips: Stay-Healthy Car Snacks

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#RoadTripSimply healthy snacks

There is nothing worse than spending all the time, energy, vacation days and money to go on a vacation and then getting sick.

Ask me how I know. I’ll spare you details, but let’s just say throwing up in a hotel room with no washing machine available isn’t pretty whether it’s one person or 9.

One way we fight the cold, flu and tummy bugs on our road trips is by watching what goes in snack bags. While it’s easy to go straight into vacation mode and fill the car with junk food snacks to keep the kids happy {and quiet}, it’s a better idea to fill the bags with nutritious treats that will build immune systems and nourish the body.

10 Best Road Trip Snacks

Think foods high in anti-oxidants, vitamin rich and low in sugar/oils to keep tummies from getting queasy. If they don’t crumb or squish into carpets, that’s a bonus.

  1. Nut mix… and I don’t mean GORP {Good Old Raisins and Peanuts} with mostly peanuts and M&M’s. Look for mixes with pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds or make your own mix with your fave, nutritious ingredients!
  2. Cheese Sticks are favorites in my house and they’re so easy!
  3. Saltines or Pretzels. They’ve been around forever for a reason! These go well w/the cheese sticks and are super helpful for our kid who gets car sick.
  4. Berries & Grapes are the perfect car trip food because {as long as you don’t drop them} because they come in their own teeny packages. No messy fingers when eating blueberries or whole strawberries! No wrappers to discard! And they’re full of vitamins and anti-oxidants!
  5. Hard Boiled Eggs are easy protein fixes. I always peel ahead of time and sprinkle salt & pepper in a bag then drop in the rinsed egg! When it’s time to eat, my egg is pre-seasoned!
  6. Beef Jerky – I’m not talking about Slim Jims or others loaded with sodium & sugar. These Epic Bison Bars are my favorites because the label is clean AND they taste amazing AND they help stretch the time between meal stops. Win/Win!
  7. Cheese Its / Goldfish / Cheddar Bunnies They’re not crumby, they’re relatively healthy and they’re a special road trip food so my kids get excited when I break them out!
  8. Apples & Bananas will only get eaten if the breakfast bag isn’t overflowing with granola bars, dry cereals and other “more fun to eat” treats. But CLEMENTINES will always get eaten in our car! Pick and choose wisely, y’all!
  9. Puffs for the baby {if you don’t know about puffs, here’s a link to them.} We break them in half at first. Also, only offer if your little one has already been able to handle them. This isn’t the time to introduce food – our family has a strict no choking in the car rule! haha
  10. A sweet treat. If you pack a family favorite, it’ll be a bit easier to say no to milkshakes at pit stops. 😉 Our family favorites are Oreos or animal crackers.

If you’re looking to pack actual meals, I have some meal ideas in this blog: How to Survive a Road Trip with Dad.

What to drink on Road Trips

We typically stick with water on Road Trips, largely because it’s mess-free! When I want to give the kids a little treat, I look for a nutritious way to do it. High sugar pouch drinks can make little tummies queasy and also stimulate the need to potty more often so those are off limits.

  • Water – Keep a gallon in the trunk and top off refillable, spill-proof cups when needed. This saves money, reduces the mess in the car and is Earth-friendly!
  • Organic Yogurt “Smoothie” drinks – Check the labels and you’ll notice that organic brands have very short ingredient lists. Less sugar, fewer preservatives. These are helpful to round out breakfasts on the go.
  • Freshly pressed, all natural Noble Juice. It’s all from Florida so it’s gotta be good! Seriously, though, when I became a brand ambassador for Noble Juice, I learned so much about the company and the product, including how committed the family is to natural and organic ingredients. My favorite for road trips is Tangerine Ginger Pomegranate. Tangerine = Vit C for general immunity boost. Ginger = anti nausea. Pomegranate = antiviral powerhouse.
  • Scotch – Ha! Joking! Mostly… you may need something after 9 hours in the car no matter how adorable your kids are & well stocked the goodie bag is!

Pack the cooler and snack bag with these nutritious goodies and you’ll be on your way to a healthy & fun #RoadTripSimply! Assign the youngest able child to clean up duty at each stop to help keep the mess under control. Arrive ready to create a week of memories, not fighting off queasiness and sniffles. Enjoy exploring!

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