Oceanfront Relaxation on St. Simons Island

The Road Trip section of my site is where I share my wanderings from our hometown- St. Augustine, Florida. {Viva St. Augustine!}  This post is from a writer’s retreat to St. Simons Island

How do you choose your vacation destinations?

I typically choose places that offer new experiences and great food so we can create life-long memories… all at a price we can afford. We’ve learned that being spontaneous as a family of 9 does not make for happy vacations, so I typically plan out an itinerary ahead of time {like this one for 4 days on St. Simons Island}.

One thing I rarely do is stay still for any length of time because, well… because I have 7 children! Hello! But even when I’m alone, I’m not good at slowing down. When I slipped away to The King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, I was 7 months along in my 7th pregnancy and one major goal of my trip was to relax. To rest. To be still. As you’ll see, this hotel has perfected the art of relaxation.

Writing about all the time I spent doing nothing wouldn’t be too exciting to read. So instead, I’ll share a few photos to inspire your next relaxation session!

King and Prince Oceanfront Pool
The heated pool was temperate even when the air outside was a tad chilly. Sit on one of the wide steps and read, sun in a poolside lounge or splash around with the littles in a nearby kiddie pool.
King and Prince Spa
An afternoon massage in the Royal Treatment Cottage left me feeling like a princess!!
Oceanfront Relaxation at King and Prince 4.41.35 PM
No caption needed…
King and Prince Oceanfront Rooms
I loved discovering new nooks and crannies on the property. This swing, a firepit and, inside, a large enough couch for my whole family were a few of the spots I flopped in to catch my breath.
King and Prince Pools
Sometimes, I just sat on my balcony and listened to the quiet lap of the ocean and the squeals of happy children at the pool.
St Simons Island Beach
Every day is a day to celebrate on St. Simons Island!

Drinks and lunch by the pool, strolls along the beach, hot tea and a pampering massage in the Royal Treatment Cottage and reading on my balcony… slowing down isn’t so bad after all!

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