St. Simons Island Restaurants

The Road Trip section of my site is where I share my wanderings from our hometown- St. Augustine, Florida. {Viva St. Augustine!}  This post is from a writer’s retreat to St. Simons Island

Four days on St. Simons was not long enough. Sure, I had time to explore museums and enjoy a massage and pool time at The King and Prince Resort– but I need many, many more trips to taste my way around the island. With 68 restaurants on this 2nd largest of the Golden Isles, St. Simons can keep a foodie busy for months!

I may not have tried everything St. Simons has to offer, but I did enjoy some amazing meals on my writer’s retreat. Here are a few must try meals in St. Simons Island:

Sandcastle Cafe

Chef Tim and his wife Melissa have ensured Sandcastle Cafe is a go-to breakfast & lunch cafe for 25 years. Located in the Village just steps away from the pier, you’ll find exposed brick walls covered with photos of notable Americans who have dined here and a photographic history lesson of St. Simons Island’s evolution over the decades.

Sandcastle 3
Sandcastle Cafe keeps an edible garden looking – and tasting- fresh year round.

Weekends find locals gathered around the breakfast buffet. Everything is tasty, from made-to-order eggs to crisp waffles and classic cheese grits, but I’d drive back just for the cinnamon rolls! I actually did drive back for the cinnamon buns only to find out they’re a weekend fixture only… and they can go fast! So if you hope to take an extra box home, you’d better call first and beg them to set a few aside!

Sandcastle St Simons Breakfast
Breakfasts at Sandcastle Cafe are comprised of everything good a classic American breakfast could offer.

Southern Soul Barbeque

There are BBQ joints… and then there are places locals wish had never been discovered because it’s so smokin’ good they’d love to keep it to themselves. Southern Soul is in the second category but they’ve been discovered. Featured in Southern Living, on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and every bit as tasty as advertised, Southern Soul is a must-try when you visit St. Simons Island.

Southern Soul BBQ Restaurant
Southern Soul BBQ

Classic Rock played over the speakers when we arrived and co-owner, Harrison Sapp, shared that Southern Soul is a place where anyone can feel comfortable. “The Mexican place says there are real Mexicans in the back… well, we employ real rednecks!” 

He pointed out that his 50 tattooed, crazy-dyed-hair & dreadlocked employees may not find themselves as welcome in other establishments on classy St. Simons Island. I observed that while employees joked behind the register, they filled cups & churned out orders quickly. The food isn’t the only thing flourishing at Southern Soul.

Southern Soul BBQ
Owner Harrison Sapp shows off his smoker and the beauties cooking inside.
Southern Soul St Simons Island
There are only a few tables inside Southern Soul- most diners eat at picnic tables outside.

My glass of sweet tea was Big Gulp big. Crushed ice keeps the tea cold and there’s enough sugar in the cup to make even my cranky old Aunt Myrtle sweet. I tried some Brunswick Stew since we were just across the bridge from Brunswick… and it was fine. I tried some ribs and they were perfectly smoked but a little fatty for me (I take beef ribs over pork ribs). But when I tried a spoon full of BBQ beans- SHUT MY MOUTH! They are goooood!

Tables are topped with several Southern Soul sauces- my favorite was the sweet but spicy Hot Georgia Soul. I’ll definitely take the kiddos there when we go back!

Southern Soul St Simons BBQ Restaurant

Del Sur Artisan Eats

Back to the Village for dinner… you won’t want to miss Del Sur. The original Del Sur is a thriving hot spot in Miami; the St. Simons Island Del Sur had a waiting list on a Monday night when we visited! Although I initially thought a restaurant that purports itself to be an Argentinian & Italian melange would be, well, trying too hard, I found Del Sur’s atmosphere and food to be comfortable, authentic and satisfying.

I enjoyed a special tasting menu at Del Sur – it was an amazing way to try house-made ravioli, three empanadas (beef, chicken and spinach), salmon entree and many other house specialties. My favorite dish was easily the Three Hour Short Ribs over Prosecco Risotto. If you go, get this! It’s so amazing. Even though I enjoyed the tasting menu, there are several other dishes I’d love to try… Del Sur is another place I’ll certainly return to!

St Simons Island Village
Del Sur anchors one end of the Village shopping district.
Del Sur Wild Game Sausages
Wild Game Sausages with a delightful chimichurri is a perfect appetizer for diners looking to try a new flavor combination.
Empanadas Del Sur St Simons
ORDER THE EMPANADAS. You’re welcome.
Del Sur Short Ribs over Risotto
Three Hour Short Ribs over Prosecco Risotto

ECHO at The King and Prince

The King and Prince Resort serves up amazing food at ECHO, their restaurant and bar. Named after the military base that occupied King and Prince during WWII, the name is all that’s left of any hard Navy cafeteria setting.

Leave your bias at the door- this oceanfront gem not only boasts amazing views, but many ingredients are locally farmed and the menus are seasonally inspired. Executive Chef John is both gifted and humble- his food is flavorful and bright while still satisfying the desire for traditional Coastal dishes. Enjoy a few snaps from breakfast and dinner:

ECHO Oceanfront. Food. Drink.
ECHO’s daytime views of the ocean are hard to beat!!
ECHO Breakfast Hash
Georgia shrimp over a corn & new potato hash.
ECHO Restaurant King and Prince
Farm fresh greens with berries and a goat cheese medallion.
ECHO Shrimp and Grits St Simons Island
Shrimp and grits with collards.

These photos only scratch the surface… there is a lot to love about St. Simons Island! We will definitely be back and I can’t wait to share more with you!


  1. says

    Those empanadas look great – sorry I had to miss Del Sur. Will be back to check it out, soon!

  2. Jennifer Tesori says

    Although I have only tried Southern Soul from your list.. My favs are the two sister restaurants in the adjourning parking lot of the movie threatre behind Harris Tetter. Local crowd and always a packed house

    • says

      Oooh- I’ll check those out when we visit next! St. Simons is such a relaxing slipaway!

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