How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!

I love road trips. I guess that’s obvious, seeing as how I have a whole website dedicated to traveling to St. Augustine and enjoying simple road trips with kids. I love adventuring in new spaces, creating memories as a family and the challenge of making the road trip as much fun as the destination. Which leads me to today’s blog: an easy step-by-step tutorial showing how to make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!!


The Simply St. Augustine blog contains affiliate links and sponsored posts like this one. I made my I-Spy bottle in a Noble juice bottle on purpose! When I decided to write a How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips post, it was easy to decide which bottle to use. We love Fresh-from-Florida Noble juice and always have some in the fridge. If you haven’t tried it, you’ll have to hit up Publix ASAP and let me know what your favorite flavor is!

WHY make a Road Trip I-Spy Game

First, the why. If you’re road tripping, you know that car time can get boooooo-riiiiing. I always pack a bag of tricks and this is one more tool in my mamma’s tool box. You can buy a Find It Tube from Amazon but I think it’s so much more fun to make one that is tailored to your kiddos!

How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Mix food coloring of your choice into rubbing alcohol. If you want your rice dyed intensely, add a lot of drops! We usually add 20-30 drops. Shake.
  2. Pour over rice & mix (either use a disposable tupperware or ziplock bag if you don’t want to dye your hands). Spread out on a cookie sheet lined w/parchment paper or aluminum foil. If you use parchment paper, it dyes it and you can use it for cards or wrapping paper! Allow to dry overnight. I expedited the process in our oven but the fumes from the alcohol evaporating were unpleasant!
  3. Gather goodies & create your “key”. We gathered objects as a family project & wrote them all on a piece of paper. Once you’ve filled the bottle, transfer the list of items onto a piece of paper and tape to the back of the bottle so everyone knows what to look for in the bottle!
  4. Fill your bottle! I used a small bottle of Noble’s organic Ginseng Mango Supreme juice but you could go with a larger bottle if you’re taking a long trip! Layer rice and objects until the bottle is mostly full (but leave room for rice to shift a little and expose trinkets) then put on your lid. Tape the lid shut because rice spilled in the family van is no fun to clean up! Ask me how I know! LOL!
    How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips

That’s it! Easy peasey! My kiddos thought it was fun to have a game personalized for our trip. I hope your family loves it, too! Safe travels!!


How to Customize Your I-Spy Game

We’re planning a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center so when we made our bottle, we used things we learned about while studying Astronomy this year. That made it a bit of a science book review as well- I try to make school fun whenever I can! If your destination is a surprise, it would be super fun to make the I-Spy bottle a hint of where you’re going!

Here are a few ideas to customize your I-Spy Game:

  1. Florida Road Trip Add a marble for water, a yellow button for a sunshine, a LEGO or toy shark, a seashell, and a small orange ball for Florida’s oranges!
  2. Road Tripping to Grandma’s House You should certainly add something that looks like a cookie! Then brainstorm with the kiddos about what reminds them of grandma… add it in the bottle! A mini perfume vial? Does she have chickens? Grab one from the kids’ toy animal basket. Like to read books? Make a mini book cover from card stock and drop it in.
  3. LEGOLAND Road Trip This one is easiest! Raid the kids’ LEGO bin! Also, we love Legoland… here are some memories from our trip!

p.s. If you want to pin this for later, here’s a “How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips” image just for Pinterest! I added it to my Road Trip board… I’m counting down ’til our next Road Trip already & dreaming up more family fun!! 🙂

How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips
Make your own I-Spy Game for road trips… customize to fit your kids’ interests or your road trip destination!

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