Road Trip: Jacksonville Zoo

Guest blogger, Tiffany, is a Jacksonville mamma and internet marketing queen.  She’s kindly sharing tips on how to have fun & save money at the Jax Zoo with us today.  Include a day trip to the Zoo in your Florida Staycation list this year!

Well, for you folks in St. Augustine, the Jacksonville Zoo may not be a regular weekend destination. I mean, it’s an hour away! So, when you make the trip, it should meet the following requirements: 1) affordable 2) memorable and 3) FUN! 

Saving Money at the Zoo
You’re in luck because the zoo has great specials this summer! They’re offering a few $3 days- check their website for more info. There are frequently specials like this so keep an eye out if you’re planning a trip. If you feel you will visit more often, consider becoming a member to reduce the overall cost per visit. If your kids are anything like mine, seeing the animals is not enough for your average visit. My son would literally spend the entire time riding the train and carousel. It’s not a big deal in my opinion, as long as you know those do cost more. For the full list of add-on pricing, be sure to reference the Jacksonville Zoo’s full list of prices.

Inquisitive monkeys check us out at the Jacksonville Zoo.

One great thing about the zoo is that you can very easily bring in some snacks, drinks and a lunch depending on how much pre-planning you want to do. I have never had my bag inspected and many families have strollers allotting plenty of storage for the families. If you choose, you can purchase food within the zoo but I’m not a huge fan of their prices. One tip I like to do is to freeze the juice pouches so they keep the other food items cool and melt while you are walking around. Plus, who doesn’t like a slushy fruit drink from time to time?

Make some Memories
The zoo also has a splash park. Depending on how it is Thursday and how many kids you have in tow, this could be a refreshing break for mommy and child. Just be sure to pack a swim diaper if your child is not potty trained. Of course, don’t forget the sunblock and change of clothes.

The splash park is toward the back of the zoo and not too visible so you canstroll by it without a meltdown if you choose to avoid it.

We have yet to check out Butterfly Hollow when it was open so that’s definitely a plan of ours on Thursday. There are many other adventures like a 4-D theatre if you need to cool down a bit!  

For the ride home…
I personally think no family fun day is complete without a trip to Sweet Pete’s! If you have never been, it’s an experience for adults and children alike. The candy shoppe is straight out of Willa Wonka and, for those with more mature palettes, the sea-salt caramels are to die for. They specialize in all-natural sweets free from dyes or additives.

You may also want to pick up a treat for your significant other if they didn’t get to go on the adventure with you and the kids. If you plan a group outing to the zoo, you can schedule a cotton candy or taffy making class if you think the kids could handle the zoo and candy but, if not, just enjoy the guilt-free treat and fun atmosphere.


Blog Post & Photos by: Tiffany McDonald: Proud Mommy and Wifey, Internet Marketing Extraordinaire, Coffee Addict, Wino and Cat Lover. Tiffany can be found on Twitter and Instagram — @econtiff

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