Worth the Drive: Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football

The kids are so excited… they’re going to a Monday night football game! Jacksonville Sharks arena football is fast-paced, high-energy and fun. And the deals are so good right now they’re hard to pass up!!!

  1. You can get 2 season tickets for $99!!
  2. If you only want to hit one, Monday’s offer is BOGO tickets for Jacksonville residents (adults)!
  3. Or, if you want to take the kids like we’re going to do, all kids 3-12 are free with paying adult!!!

We’re headed up to Jacksonville for a Sharks arena football game and we want to do it right. So I’m reaching out to you… help?!

Jacksonville Sharks Coupon Deal

This will be our first Sharks game and I have a few questions:

What should we wear? I’m assuming black and red is a safe bet since those are their team colors? It’s redneck night… do we wear cammo? LOL We gon’ party like we normally do… barefoot with little kids runnin’ around. That’s redneck style, right? LOL

Where should we park? I’ll bring cash to pay for parking but if you have any tips, help me out!

Shall we eat dinner first? I guess there is arena food there? Is it any good? I love popcorn like the next person but I am not eating that fake, plastic-y yellow cheese with nacho chips. Of course, that is the first thing my hubby will buy. Something about childhood memories… I love him anyway.

Can you share any special “insider fan” tips? Special cheers? Favorite songs? Place to stand to meet the mascot? A favorite player to cheer for?

Roger "Spider-Man" Jackson.
I hear Roger “Spider-Man” Jackson is a fan favorite.

Thanks for all the tips- once we go, I’ll share what we learn with you!! Woo hoo- #JaxSharks16, baby!!

Thank you to the Jacksonville Sharks for sponsoring this post!


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    I highly recommend parking in a surface lot instead of a parking garage. When you leave after a concert or a game, the garages can sometimes take a long time to get out of. There’s just something about sitting in a parking garage waiting vs sitting in an open lot and waiting!

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      Thank you for this tip! We did just that and it was a breeze!! ~Allie O

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