Jacksonville’s M Shack – Burgers, Shakes and More

We have a pretty big family and pretty big families shop at Costco. So we’re in Jacksonville at the Town Center every other week or so. Any time I can arrange my shopping trip to also fit in a visit to M Shack, I do! Here are a few reasons why… starting with their hand-spun shakes:

Marshmallow Brulee Shake
Marshmallow Bruléed Shake

The Marshmallow Brulée Shake (small $4, large $5.25) does not have the bruléed flavor all throughout. That was a bit of a bummer for me, but the kiddos love the chocolate/vanilla shake with the bruléed marshmallow topping! All of M Shack’s shakes are thick and ice creamily delicious. Ever had a Pecan Pie Shake? You can at M Shack! Q

Handspun milkshakes come in in traditional and funky flavors.
Handspun milkshakes come in in traditional and funky flavors.

Ok- the fries. M Shack serves up Queso Fries ($2.95), Truffle Fries ($4.95), Poutine Fries ($6.50) and Taco Fries ($6.50) in addition to tater tots and onion rings… pretty much anything you could want beside your burger.

Parmesan Truffle Fries... delish!
Parmesan Truffle Fries… delish!

Not all fries are created equally… for example, the parmesan truffle fries {above} are waaaaaaay better than the queso cheddar ones {below}. Way. Waaaay. As in, I’d never order the queso fries again. My kiddos loved them, but they’ll eat nacho cheese at ball parks, so they’re not exactly discerning eaters yet…

Queso Cheddar Fries... don't bother.
Queso Cheddar Fries… don’t bother.

They know how to do the healthy version of fresh & flavorful, too… check out the Super Kale Salad- $6.95 and delish!

photo (6)

And now the burgers… they’re hormone free and are ground fresh daily. We’ve tried all of them except the $19 Medurable with foie gras & caramelized onions. I’m saving that one for a special occasion.

The little kiddos get a straightforward M Burger ($5.50). It’s nothing fancy, but perfect for the kiddos:

The "M" Burger at M Shack in Jacksonville, FL.
The “M” Burger at M Shack in Jacksonville, FL.

Big brother usually tries something crazy. Last time he went for the Insanity Burger ($11.95).

Two grilled cheeses and two burger patties... this burger IS insane!
Two grilled cheeses and two burger patties… this burger IS insane!

2 grilled cheeses sandwiching 2 patties and all the usual toppings. Only a teenage boy could take this whole thing down! Insane!

M Shack's Insanity Burger Jacksonville
M Shack’s Insanity Burger Jacksonville

The Asian Burger is sweet & spicy- just enough spice to make it ah-mazing.

But my favorite is the Portabello Truffle Burger. A beef patty, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, Truffle Flavored diced Portobello Mushrooms and Sherry Glaze… yeah, it’s pretty amazing. And at $6.95, this is a foodie experience everyone can afford!

My favorite item... the Portabello Truffle Burger.
My favorite item… the Portabello Truffle Burger.

M Shack brings gourmet flavor at an affordable price point. It’s locally owned by the Medure brothers, who offer a full bar and a big enough menu to go regularly without eating the same thing all the time. It’s one of my favorite spots in Jax! I love having the option to eat locally even at the hyper-commercial Town Center outdoor mall. Go local! Go to M Shack!

M Shack
St. Johns Town Center: 10281 Midtown Parkway
Atlantic Beach: 299 Atlantic Blvd


  1. mark young says

    I ate there yesterday, and most weeks. A very good burger for a very good value. I haven’t been to 5-Guys since i went to M-Shack.

  2. says

    How have I not been to this place yet?!!? YUM! I must try it next time I’m at the town center.

  3. says

    We were up there today and talked about eating there but decided against it because we weren’t sure that we would like it. Had we seen this beforehand we would have definitely tried it!

    • says

      The M Burger isn’t spectacular (except for being hormone free beef) but the others are a lot of fun! Great price for “foodie” food!

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