LEGOLAND in Pictures

Most of my Simply St. Augustine blogs are about local food & fun. This is part 5 of a 3 day Road Trip to LEGOLAND Florida and Lake Wales. Start with the drive down here.

First, I jotted a short list.  Then I wrote out a longer blog with tips.  But I can’t possibly squeeze in all the goodness {like super-clean bathrooms with kiddie-height sinks and no automatic toilets to scare little ones} LEGOLAND has to offer.  May I present LEGOLAND in pictures.

 DUPLO play stations… in restaurants, in lines, anywhere a little one may have to wait.

Funny pigeon humor for Mom & Dad.  Bwa ha haaa!!  And a Princess for all the little princesses.

LEGOLAND’s Catch of the Day!  More entertainment while waiting in line for the boat ride.

Cypress Gardens is relaxing, refreshing and beautiful ~ LEGOLAND has preserved a treasure.

Create a Speed Racer and test drive it!  {LEGOLAND Rain Plan}

I didn’t even tell you about the actual rides!  (Be aware of height requirements ahead of time- they don’t budge & finding out a 3 year old is too young/too short as you’re in line is baaaad news.)

Well- I must stop somewhere. Good night.

Quick Recap: Drive down from St Augustine to Orlando to LEGOLAND {Lake Wales}
A day in Lake Wales {15 minutes from LEGOLAND}

LEGOLAND quickie
Tips to enjoy LEGOLAND Amusement Park

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