Tips to enjoy LEGOLAND Amusement Park

Most of my Simply St. Augustine blogs are about local food & fun. This is part 2 of a 3 day Road Trip to LEGOLAND Florida and Lake Wales. Start with the drive down here.

There was a steady stream of cars arriving just before the park opened (10:00 on Sunday) but the park is new enough that it isn’t crowded most days- we drove right in (after paying $12 & waving to all the friendly parking lot attendants!) and parked reasonably close.

LEGOLAND Tip #1: Arrive early for great parking & easy entry! If the lot looks full as you approach, you can always pay to upgrade your parking & be closer to the entrance ($20?)

Our kids were more excited walking up to LEGOLAND Florida than they ever have been at Disney, Epcot and the waterparks all put together.  The boys (7 & 5) were jumping down the sidewalk with excitement.

It’s no surprise. They love LEGOS. LEGO boats, LEGO elephants, LEGO trucks, flower gardens, houses, submarines and planes {etc}. I think they would have been happy just to walk through the LEGO stores all morning- spotting creations nestled in the attractive park and riding rides were BONUS!

Like any Florida theme park, there were photographers on hand as soon as we walked through the turnstiles. The kids happily shook hands with Buddy, the life-sized LEGO man. Cool!

They really did like him. The sun was in their eyes. Drat. ONLY Group photo at LEGOLAND and the kids are all squinting.

LEGOLAND Tip #2: Ask the friendly photographer to position you so the sun isn’t in the kids’ eyes!

And while you’re speaking to the photographer, take a look at his badge. Did you know LEGOLAND employees all have a minifigure on their badge?! And can you guess what one might do with said minifigure? Yes! They TRADE minifigures!!!

LEGOLAND Tip #3: Bring your least favorite minifig from home to trade.

Aren’t you glad you’re reading now?! We didn’t know about the minifig trading ahead of time but the good folks at LEGOLAND want all children to have the chance to trade- so they sell minifigs in the store. Best $3.99 spent all day ever.

We adhere to the “go against the flow” model for maximum theme park enjoyment, so when we entered we went Left- towards Miniland instead of Right towards DUPLO Village and LEGO Kingdoms. But honestly, we walked straight on every ride (max wait time was 13 minutes for Coastersaurus) so it doesn’t really matter which way you go.

Legoland Tip #4: No need to rush.  Take your time and have lots of fun!!

You also may want to know about the food situation.  We were forewarned against the pizza place by several of our facebook friends.  Fearing the worst, we chose Lakeside Sandwich Co {<-photo of menu}.

Ben is eating the Lakeside Mediterranean Veggie wrap ($5.99).  I was impressed to read that Lakeside Sandwich Co utilizes locally sourced produce.  When I asked the woman at the register, she didn’t know what I was talking about… nevertheless, I enjoyed my Lakeside Avocado Herb Wrap ($6.99) which had perfectly ripe avocados and fresh herbs… parsley and even tarragon.  I know, how often do you see tarragon at a theme park?!  I loved it… especially for theme park food!

Snacks are affordable- $4 for popcorn or $2 for ice cream at LEGOLAND isn’t too bad.  And both snack stands and gift shops are sprinkled throughout the park.  My favorite treat was the order of Granny’s Apple Fries ($5).  Our family of 8 split 2 and enjoyed every sweet/tart bite.


Timothy and I rode every ride there- except the spin-in-circles ones in LEGO Technic {they make me woozy}.  His favorite was the Dragon Coaster in the Knight’s Kingdom, which has a storyline as part of the ride {like Splash Mountain does at Magic Kingdom}.  I totally agree- the lego creations inside were great and then the zippy coaster was a fun end to the ride.

The only thing we wanted to do but missed was enroll the big kids in a Mindstorms robotics session- they were booked by the time I heard about them.

LEGOLAND Tip #6: Book your Mindstorms session FIRST THING!

LEGOLAND provided the backdrop for a perfect family day.  Low stress, play mixed with rides & good food- a great theme park experience!  The weather was gorgeous, cool and sunny.  Which reminds me of my final tip:

LEGOLAND Tip #7: Wear sunscreen whether it’s a sunny day or not!

Sunburns and great memories are all that’s free in Florida!  🙂

A final LEGOLAND post {LEGOLAND in Pictures} can be found here.
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