Road Trip: Did I Mention These Perks at Embassy Resort Orlando?

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I told you why Embassy Suites Resort Lake Buena Vista is an easy choice if you want to #RoadTripSimply in my last post about Orlando Road Trips. Two things that make this Embassy unique are their spa and the food available beyond breakfast {restaurants, ice cream, coffee shop and bars}. Here’s a glimpse of those  perks around the clock:

Late Afternoon: Check In & Cheese Plate

If you need a healthy pick-me-up, order the fruit & cheese plate. You can ask for one to be sent to your room, but more often people enjoy them in the poolside cabanas… a cabana rental includes a stocked fridge and this tasty plate for healthful munching all afternoon!

Cheese Plate Embassy Suites Orlando
We enjoyed our cheese plate in the room, but if you rent a cabana poolside there will be a cheese plate and fridge full of drinks for you to enjoy!

Early Evening: Manager’s Reception

If you’ve never stayed at an Embassy, you’ll be wowed by the daily manager’s reception. The kids go straight to the bar for Shirley Temples while adults usually opt for complimentary beer, wine or a cocktail. Snacks are also set out- this pix is what my kiddos snagged our first night at the Embassy Resort:

embassy suites snacks
A savory nut & chex mix, popcorn and some hummus with pretzels from Embassy’s Manager’s Reception.

Quick Dinner Poolside

This tomato & basil pizza was delish! We were pleasantly surprised – cheese smothered an abundance of tomatoes and the crust was just right. Families can grab a pizza and carry it out to the pool, eat in the atrium or upstairs. There is also a full poolside menu available!

Embassy Suites Orlando Good Hotel Food Pizza

I missed photos of some really good stuff!

After dinner, you may decide to grab ice cream or cupcakes… the parlor is open until 11:00. We were too busy having fun to snap photos of everything. Forgive me?! Pretend like there is a picture here of a kid with a face covered in ice cream and the biggest grin humanly possible. Or imagine a photo of a frosty frappuccino poolside {you can order Starbucks coffee all day long from the coffee bar, who also has Krispy Kreme donuts. Yum.}

Breakfast that makes EVERYONE smile!

The kids used to refer to Embassy Suites as “the hotel with the good breakfast”. It’s always a hit because everyone can order whatever they’d like… you can’t go wrong when one kid can try fruit loops and cantaloupe while another goes for a full-on Southern breakfast with pancakes, sausage and eggs. Add the omelette station for mamma who really likes spinach and garlic in her eggs and everyone is happy.

Embassy Suites Orlando Resort Breakfast Buffet
Clara tried fruit loops for the first time. {barf} She liked them, of course.

Everybody’s a comedian in the Embassy kitchen… these guys were cracking me up with their cheerful banter, which passed the time while we waited for our turn at the omelette station. All of this breakfast goodness is included in an Embassy stay but omelette chefs welcome tips.

Embassy Suites Orlando Resort Breakfast

After breakfast, make time for the spa!

Embassy Suites Resort’s Venus Le Spa is something you must make time for. It’s an oasis of calm in the bustling, family friendly resort.

Embassy Suites Spa Orlando
Thoughtful touches, like this orchid on the coverlet, make the spa experience feel pampering.
Venus Le Spa Orlando Embassy Suites
Venus Le Spa in Embassy Suites Orlando Resort near Disney

I opted for the seasonal body scrub… 90 minutes of bliss. Their spa menu includes all the usuals {pedicures, massage, facials} and some really neat packages for girls weekends, couples and mommy-daughter slipaways. Here is their Orlando Spa Menu for you to browse.

Venus Le Spa Orlando
I’ll never look at a wooden bowl the same again. It will remind me of that relaaaaaxing spa day! 🙂

Dad-Duty Lunch

While mamma visits the spa, Daddy can easily take charge of lunch for the kiddos. We loved the sliders and how flexible the staff was- we asked for these “to go” so we could decide between eating on the fishing dock or in our room while baby Wesley took his nap.

Embassy Suites Orlando Good Hotel Food
Sliders = YES! We went with a side of fruit for a healthy side since we were eating lots of sweet treats.

Date Night Dinner

Since we had our teens with us, hubby & I slipped downstairs for a late night dinner date. Gazebo Restaurant is located in the center of the atrium {in a gazebo, of course} and the menu is flexible enough for family dining or for a date night. We had the privilege of meeting the friendly chef, whose smile and casual charm were as fabulous as the evening’s specials.

Embassy Suites Restaurant Gazebo
Time for a little mommy & daddy time. Gazebo Restaurant in the Embassy was convenient and delish.

Hubby started with a crab cake which was perfectly crisp on the outside. The interior was appropriately moist, if a bit bready. The accompanying remoulade and guacamole spiced it up for me but Chris, a crab cake purist, ate his plain.

Gazebo Restaurant Embassy Suites Orlando Resort
Crab Cake at Lake Buena Vista restaurant, Gazebo, which is located in Embassy Suites Resort.

Ahi Tacos boasted perfectly ripe haas avocado slices and fresh slaw…

Ahi Tacos Embassy Suites Resort Orlando
Ahi Tacos at Embassy Suites Resort, Orlando.

I went with Chef’s recommendation- his beef roulade special- and was not disappointed! Tender and medium-rare in spite of it being thinly sliced, chef’s skill was apparent here. Asparagus and potatoes accompanied the roulade… Three cheers for al dente asparagus!

Embassy Suites Resort with a Restaurant Orlando
Don’t try this at home because you’ll end up with overcooked meat. Just pack up and drive to Embassy Suites Resort Orlando… chef knows what’s up!

Dessert was an homage to Chef’s Jamaican roots. Spiced cake was a sweet end to a fun date night. The best part? After a stroll to the resort’s cigar lounge {because vacation!}, we were steps away from our room. No Orlando traffic to fight or strange roads to get lost on… it was all relaxation, you & me, chit chat and the stuff dates are made of.

Gazebo Grill Embassy Suites Orlando
A taste of Chef’s childhood in Jamaica… the spice cake was a satisfying, not-too-sweet ending to a delicious date night dinner.

Embassy Suites Resort brings all of what makes vacation so perfect… it’s stress-free, has fun games and activities on site and shuttles to nearby attractions so you can truly be “off”. Restaurant and relaxation opportunities keep visitors occupied while at the Resort and appeal to all ages. Read more about the to-do’s at Embassy Suites Resort Lake Buena Vista <- there.

You can also get free internet access and late checkout when you book your next stay at Embassy Suites Hotels. <-That’s an affiliate link- click to reserve now!

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