Road Trip: Brick House Eatery in Monticello FL

Every time we’ve walked by Brick House Eatery in Monticello, Florida, the place has been full… now I know why.

A smoker outside entices hungry passersby into this local joint- but you’d better be quick to order, specials go fast!

We sat down as our server wiped Smoked Chicken Wings and Brick House Reuben from the chalkboard.  Drat, two of my kids would have to re-select.  Lauren settled on the Fried Green Tomato Grilled Chicken Sandwich {$7.50} with a side of fried pickles {$1 extra}.

This sandwich was my favorite.  The bun was a real, fresh roll- not the fluffy white buns that dissolve into a squishy mess when I try to pick it up.  Chicken was well prepared {read: not dried out!} and the fried green tomato added a little tart zing.  We all enjoyed the first couple of fried pickles but tired of them before the stack was gone.

I opted for the Patty Melt {$7} & Fried Green Tomatoes {$1 extra}.

Caramelized onions on a menu are Sirens in my sea of food discovery.  I cannot resist!  This burger did not disappoint- toast was perfectly crisp, onions though not abundant were well caramelized.  It was a straightforward, tasty sandwich.  Although my fried green tomatoes were tasty, I was at my “greasy food limit” after the burger.  The dilly sauce served alongside them was a nice compliment, though.  Also, note Andrew’s burger in the background with tasty sweet potato fries.  I don’t think they’re handcut here, but they were good.

Timothy just finished the Magic Treehouse book Buffalo Before Breakfast… so he ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap {$6.75} without hesitation. I tried to explain that there was not bison in this wrap but he was convinced this was the perfect food for him.  And you know what? He was right.  Crispy fried chicken strips disguised in health food {wraps are always healthy, don’t you know?} made my 8 year old’s day.  I was shocked when he ate the whole thing!  He was kind to share the fries with his little sister who primarily ate ketchup for lunch.

I didn’t take a good photo of the interior, but I did get this one for my Dad:

A huge swordfish (was that pole & lure the one used to catch him?), local art and friendly servers make this eatery attractive.  It’s my favorite eatery in town so far… we’ll be back!  {but not for the latte- skip that}

Brick House Eatery
190 N Jefferson Street * Monticello, FL
(850) 997-2100
Call for hours


  1. Stacey says

    I went to Brick House on my only trip to Monticello last year. It was good. The staff was so friendly too. Your post makes me want to go back.

    • says

      Isn’t it a fun find? I will go back next visit for sure! And I’m hoping to catch Tupelo Bakery open as well- I hear good things. Have you been?

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