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Zip Line in Artegon Mall Orlando

Ben, our 17 year old, participates in competitive debate. This is very fun for him and kind of fun for the others of us… I mean, of course everyone loves sitting through 3 days of 1 1/2 hour debates over the judicial system… {cough cough} Truth be told, we all enjoy the buzz of the tournaments but the littles in the family need to get their wiggles out after all that quiet time.

And that brings me to today’s post about the indoor ropes course in Orlando’s Artegon Mall.

mall zip line orlando
Yes, it’s in the middle of the mall. And yes, it’s three stories. And yes, it’s more fun than you can imagine once you get up there!

I saw a blurb about Artegon Sky Trail on a blogger group and figured we’d try it… we were completely unprepared for HOW FUN the 3 story heights, obstacle/ropes courses & quick jump free fall at the end would be. On top of all that, Artegon Mall’s extras made it a full evening for our party of 16 {ages 1 – 40’s}!

Half of our group... Sky Trail can accommodate groups and host birthday parties!
Half of our group… Sky Trail can accommodate groups and host birthday parties!

The thing I liked most about Sky Trail was that they have a Sky Tykes ropes course for littles aged 2-7 or less than 48″ tall. Typically, Clara gets left out from our “big kid adventures” so she was happy to join the fun. Almost 6, and brave with lots of big brothers & sisters, she’s close to outgrowing this but was happy to be running across the bridges, balance beams and rope lines.

Best Mall Play Area Orlando
Clara (almost 6) stayed on the kids’ course at ground level. She wanted to go up with the big kids but really wouldn’t have been able to handle the heights. I LOVE that they offer something for littles to do!!

Artegon Sky Trail features a 44-foot tall, 2 level adventure ropes course complete with, I quoth, “38 exciting elements including zig-zag beams, cargo nets, angled rope ladders, crisscross walks and more.” Each platform has multiple directions you can go, so participants choose their own path and go at their own pace.

Artegon Sky Trail


When you’re finished, you can either go back down the way you climbed up {stairs} or for an up-charge you can free fall. This cured me of any desire to Sky Dive. Seriously, the Quick Jump free-fall simulation was exhilarating once I was halfway down but taking the step over the edge was nerve-wracking! The rest of our group (who were younger and one had sky dived) stepped off with no hesitation and woooo-hoooo’d all the way down. Brave souls. Mine was more like, “eeeeekkk!!!”

I found Artegon Sky Trail’s admission to be very reasonable at $8 for Sky Tykes and $18 for the big course {$25 if you add the Quick Jump}. US Family Guide is making family fun even more affordable! My readers can SAVE with this Artegon Sky Trail Orlando coupon! Type “Artegon” in the search box.

It was fun to share an experience across all ages- from Clara (6) up to me (36) including elementary, middle, high school and 20-somethings. All for one at Artegon!!!

Zip Line in a Mall Orlando
We all conquered the Sky Trail!!!

After the Sky Trail, we grabbed burgers at Fuddrucker’s then explored the mall. I’d only been there for Bass Pro Shops before and remembered the mall to be sparsely populated… it has changed so much since then! Now, local artisans fill much of the space and there are many areas dedicated to family fun like this foyer:

game room
Checkers, chess, connect 4, giant Jenga, foosball and couches all send the message that Artegon is a destination… a place to linger.

There is a wall of postcards that you can write and address to friends & family- Artegon covers the postage!! Then, as we walked in and out of local artists’ stalls, we found a giant lite brite type wall, chalk walls and even a complimentary caricature artist!! Every vendor was friendly- likely because most shop owners were the artisans and were invested in their work. I loved the community, artist-forward, entrepreneurial feel of the space.

Artegon Marketplace Orlando

There is a giant trampoline play area, a movie theatre, Bass Pro Shops and a zombie-themed laser tag… but my kids’ favorite? Giant stuffed animals you can ride around the mall. They hold up to 220 pounds and yes, I climbed on, too. Here’s Georgia Anne, Andrew and Wesley all riding together on a giant stuffed monkey. Wesley may or may not have caused Andrew to crash into trash cans once…


Ben and Gracie, his debate partner, had their caricature drawn. The artist also works at Disney and was very friendly. I love the “debate” details he added!

ben and gracie cariacature
p.s. they went on to place third in the region at the tournament and will be representing the Southeast at the national tournament!! #proudmom

And this is why I love being a blogger. We wouldn’t have known about any of this if it hadn’t been for the mention of Artegon Sky Trail on US Family Guide but the whole evening couldn’t have been sweeter!!

If you’re headed to Orlando, don’t forget to click there-> Artegon Sky Trail Orlando coupon and type “Artegon” in the search box to see their current coupon and save a bit on family fun!

Artegon Sky Trail
5250 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819
(407) 864-3447

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