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road trip packing tips
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Today’s Road Trip Round Up is a collection of Packing Tips from 12 different sites. These have helped us as we try to arrive wrinkle free, what to pack for road trips with kids, how to fit a family of 9 into 1 van and other sticky packing situations… I hope they help you too!


Suitcase Packing Tips Posts:

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#1: Forbes Takes Suitcase Efficiency to a Whole New Level! I love this article from the lifestyle section of if for no other reason than the title: How to Pack Like a Travel Ninja. I mean who doesn’t want to pack like a travel ninja? I’d love for my fellow travelers to be amazed at the sheer amount of stuff I’m able to pack into one bag! What makes this article even better is the fun  “how to” video at the end. Check it out.

#2: What’s the best, most efficient way to pack a suitcase? Are you a bundler, a roller, or do you just toss it all in and hope for the best? Do you use space saving tools or a particular folding method? Surely you wonder if another way would make better use of that small amount of space… but who has time to pack & re-pack a suitcase to compare methods? LifeHacker does! Check out LifeHacker’s side-by- side comparison of 5 suitcase packing methods to see which one might work best for your needs.

#3: Wrinkle Free Packing Day 14 of 30 Days To Packing a Better Bag shows us how to solve a pesky problem that we all have when we travel, wrinkles. Let’s just face it, in a suitcase wrinkles happen but in Brooke gives us PLENTY of tips and even step by step directions on how to keep your travel clothes as wrinkle free as possible.

#4: The Perfect Suitcase: So much emphasis is placed on HOW to packing efficiently… do we stop and think about the actual suitcase we’re packing in? My hubby travels often for work, I’m a travel blogger and we have 7 children… our suitcases must be durable!! This is the luggage we use {affiliate link} … maybe it’ll remove some of the guess work involved in choosing YOUR family’s next suitcase!


Road Trip Tips:

packing tips round up

#1: Road Tripping with a baby? Here are 10.5 tips from lots of years of experience: How to Road Trip with Baby

#2: 42 Road Trip Tips If getting to your next family vacation destination requires a road trip, check out for 42 road trip tips (each one gathered from experienced parents) on what to pack and how to make the time spent in the car as enjoyable as the vacation itself.

#3: The OCD Mom’s Guide to Car Packing Are you wondering how in the world how you’re going to fit everyone’s gear into the car for that ultimate family vacation? Check out for a smart packing guide with diagram on how to fit it all into the family vehicle. As a bonus there’s also 5 Organization Tips for keeping your gear together while road tripping.

#4: Make a “Rainy Day List” Ahead of Time Rain happens. Plan ahead to make sure your trip is still memorable! Here are some ideas… What to do when it rains on a road trip.

#5: Travel Clutter Free!! Yes, it’s possible! Pack an over-the-door pocket organizer and hang it on the door of your destination. Instead of the kiddos (ahem, and your hubby) leaving their stuff all over the counter or your makeup ending up as war paint for the toddler, assign everybody a pocket or three and stash the extra little things out of the way!!


Printable Lists & General Packing Tips:

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#1: Beach Trips with Littles Make your next family vacation to the beach your best one yet. This blogger mom who has “been there, done that” has all the best information you’ll need to know about having fun in the sand, surf and sun with children. She even includes a great list of  “16 things you never dreamed you’d take to the beach”.

#2: Air Travel with Babies Corinne from has all the inside information on how to pack for travel with babies and toddlers. Check out this family’s adventures as well as the super helpful tips on what to pack in your carry on and tips for easily getting through airport security if your vacation plans include air travel.

#3: Always concerned that you may be forgetting something? offers a printable packing list as a free download.

#4: Printable packing lists for EVERY situation. The ultimate list maker’s dream. provides you with a list for every vacation. From traveling with babies/toddlers to business trips and romantic getaways you’ll find a helpful list for all age groups. There are even handy guides for how to pack busy bags for air and car travel. Don’t want to bring along bulky items such as strollers? You’ll find a list of companies that rent baby travel gear here also.

#5: Teach your children to pack themselves! Mom=primary family suitcase packer, correct? The thought of having to pack outfits and gear for me PLUS kids for a week fills me with dread. Wouldn’t it be great if the children could pack for themselves? At Kimberly provides us with 5 Steps To Teach Your Kids How To Pack. This list comes complete with printable lists for readers AND non- readers! How awesome is that?!

#6: What to Pack for a Romantic Getaway 

Awww time away with your sweetheart, what could be better? provides you with a list of what to bring on a romantic getaway so you can spend your time focusing on the one you love, not packing.

#7: St. Augustine Essentials If beautiful, historic Saint Augustine, Florida is your family vacation destination this year (and it should be) you’ll need to pack a sense of adventure and an appetite for fantastic food. There are a few other items you may want to bring along as well. Take a look at these 7 suggestions from to prepare for your vacation in one of Florida’s finest towns.

#8: Road Trip Food Ideas These are some of our family’s favorite road trip foods.


I’ll leave you with a packing infographic for a successful trip from start to finish:

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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What are YOUR favorite Road Trip Packing Tips?


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