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I’m not a fan of the St. Johns Town Center.  Go ahead, shoot me.  I know I’m the only one.  All my Jacksonville friends eat there, shop there, even just stroll around there!  {They don’t have old brick & cobblestone streets to stroll so they have to improvise.}  At least it’s outside, they say.  I get it.  It’s just… so… planned… so commercial.. so fake.

Recently I grabbed lunch with a girlfriend at Seasons 52 Fresh Grill and found there is more to the Town Center than meets my do-we-have-to-go-shopping eye.  I discovered nothing in Seasons 52 is fake and everything is perfectly planned.

All my twitter friends told me the flatbread is a must-try.  I went for the seasonal flatbread since seasonally fresh is what this place is all about.  The Portobello Mushroom Flatbread ($9.75) boasts four cheeses, leaf spinach, roasted garlic & truffle sour cream.  Wow- the truffles added depth and went beautifully with the garlic, shrooms & savory cheeses.

When I heard “flatbread”, I expected pizza.  And had I ordered the Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread I think it would’ve been an ok comparison since basil & tomatoes & cheese = pizza in my mind.  Not so with the Portabello.  The lavosh crust is almost cracker-like.  Each wedge is generously topped & abundantly flavored.  I shared with Brittany & took the rest home; this starter could go a long way if you’re dining with many.

The Portabello Flatbread raised my expectations of the meal to come.  So when it was time to order my entree, I threw caution to the wind and ordered a fish I’d never tried before.

Arctic Char is in the salmon family- no other fresh water fish is found as far north.  I ordered the Lemongrass Salmon Salad ($15.25) and subbed arctic char.  All Seasons 52’s fish is farm raised which gave me pause.  I prefer wild-caught.  But Matt, our knowledgeable server, assured me it’s raised au naturel in pristine northern lakes.  I found the flavor & texture very similar to steelhead trout.  Softer than salmon.  Mild.  Mine was seasoned & grilled and served beside organic greens, pineapple, mango and the best, crispest jicama I’ve ever had.

Brittany ordered the seasonal Grilled Arctic Char Togarashi ($19.95) and pronounced it a good choice.  We scoped out the dinner menu for a future date with our guys and she said Seasons’ Godiva Martini is a must-try.

Since we were there midday, I passed on the martini in favor of a Mini Indulgence ($2.50) and a Cappucino ($3.50).  We shared bites of the mango cheesecake shooter and agreed it was a perfectly sweet ending to a relaxing lunch.

From the time I walked through the fingerprint-free doors of Seasons 52, I was enveloped by the quiet atmosphere and I determined to enjoy the respite from my normally busy life as Mamma to our six sweet kiddos.  Service was attentive and friendly (ask for Matt!), each bite of food was flavorful and the hushed ambiance allowed my friend and I to celebrate her engagement and chat without having to shout over music.

If you must leave St. Augustine- and I suppose even this most charming, waterfront dame can’t keep you here indefinitely- Seasons 52 will provide a memorable meal in a refined setting for lunch or dinner.

Seasons 52 Jacksonville
5096 Big Island Drive

 (904) 645-5252

I was invited to experience Seasons 52’s seasonally fresh lunch in order to share with you.  Having a meal comp’d does make it easy to gloss over small oversights but I make every effort to share a realistic review.  My experience at Seasons was so good I have nothing bad to report!


  1. dennis says

    Funny,..ate their last night. Agree with everything you said. Will add complimentary valet parking, Waiters are very knowledgeable and personable, All food is based on the season (hence the name) and healthy,
    Still, ..I will take the ambiance and atmosphere of the downtown St. Augustine restaurants over Town center any day!

    • says

      Oooh! I didn’t experience valet parking since I was there at lunch… that’s a nice perk!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. dennis says

    one more thing… they give us a complimentary Family picture in a framed card. It’s always been a special occasion when we go.

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