Spotted in Boston: Lobstah Lou

Thanks for joining me on our Boston Road Trip!! I’ll include links to all my Boston posts at the end of this post.

Boston in the fall… it’s a bucket list item for many!  But where to start?  There is so much to do, so much to see!! Hubby and I spent a week in Boston for our 15th anniversary and had a blast exploring the town.  We talked to a lot of locals and enjoyed off the beaten path spots – but also played tourist unabashedly.

On Day 2, we bought Lobstah Lou.  He helped us chronicle our trip and brought a lot of laughs to Simply St. Augustine’s twitter and Instagram friends along the way.  Serious posts will follow, but for now, let me introduce you to our new friend… Lobstah Lou.

Lobstah Lou takes a casual stroll in Faneuil Hall & Quincy Market.

Faneuil Hall + Quincy Market + North Market + South Market = the most shopped area in Boston.  Lobstah Lou was scared & felt a little out of place but the cobblestone streets made us feel right at home.  Local shops nestled next to traditional mall stores but the real draw here were the street performers.  College students with guitars, teams doing acrobatic tricks and aspiring singer/songwriters drew us on in search of a new local favorite.

It’s only a hop, skip & a jump from this open air market to the North End.  We made like the tourists we were and eagerly flagged down a pedi cab to get there.

Lobstah Lou finally learned what happened to Uncle Frank…

When in Boston… eat a Lobster Roll, right?

Lobstah Roll in Boston…

Lobstah Lou narrowly escaped the fate of his Uncle Frank- we found an amazing restaurant in the North End and I ordered Rice Balls instead.  {I’m resisting a LOT of Schweddy Balls jokes here…}

Lobstah Lou eats REAL Italian food on the North End.
I had the best Italian food of my life in the North End.

We followed the Freedom Trail…

Lobstah Lou on the Freedom Trail in Boston.

… and ended up at Caffe Vittoria.  We went back 3 more times.  Loved it!

We also joined the age-old debate of Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry.  I liked Modern’s filling better but when we discovered Mike’s chocolate mousse filled cannoli, there was no more competition.

Lobstah Lou loved Modern Pastry’s cannoli!

Our Boston vacation included a road trip to Nantucket.  We took a bus from Boston to Hyannis and then caught HyLine’s High Speed Ferry over to Nantucket.  Great experience.

Once on Nantucket, we enjoyed a Nantucket Historic Association Walking Tour.  I’ll tell you more about that in a future post.

Lobstah got a little carried away at Cisco Brewers… 

Unlike Lobstah Lou, Simply St Augustine drinks responsibly.

A few more highlights… The Boston Tea Party Museum was impressive & Lobstah loved his souvenir feather.

And seeing a Redsox vs Yankees game at Fenway was a bucket list experience for me… even though it didn’t keep Lobstah’s attention:

Enough Cracker Jacks, Lobstah Lou! Keep your head in the game!!!

One final memory… Lobstah Lou hopped on the back of a duckling for a ride through the Boston Common.

Make Way for Ducklings & Lobstahs!

We had a great time playing tourist somewhere new.  Detailed posts coming soon… and of course lots more St. Augustine love coming your way from your favorite St. Augustine, Florida blog!

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