Harry’s – a Waterfront, Romantic Restaurant

St. Augustine has a busy season.  Anytime the sun is shining.  😉

If you plan to saunter in to a romantic dinner around 7:00 on a weekend, this is what you’ll encounter:

…packed restaurants with long waits.

When we’re out with friends, the wait can be fun.  When we’re looking for a romantic dinner for two… not so much.  But fear not!  You don’t have to avoid popular restaurants like Harry’s Seafood St. Augustine- you just need to know how to go.

Protip #1: Arrive early- before 6:00- for quick seating, attentive service and to receive your food quickly!  Call ahead anytime to have your name added to the wait list & cut down on your wait time.

Last weekend, we slipped away for a romantic staycation in our favorite city.  We’ve come to love Harry’s (they’re the only restaurant in St. Augustine that serves Redfish, which I’m quite fond of) and we usually eat in the courtyard.  But as you can see in the picture above, the courtyard was packed!  So we opted for a calmer dinner with a water view.  It was our first dinner on the balcony, which we now know is quite romantic!

Chris relaxes when he can see the water.  It may be sappy, but I love watching him spot gamefish, dolphins and bait pods.  {I can’t tell the difference between wake from a yacht and a splash from a mullet, so I just smile and nod.}

Although he wouldn’t have minded just staring at the water all evening, our waitress Sarah enhanced my view right away with a bit of bubbly.  {Happy Anniversary, honey!}

Protip #2:  Tell the hostess or your server {or both, ha!} about your special occasion.  Asking for a bottle of bubbly ahead of time will put a big smile on your honey’s face when it arrives!

Isn’t the view great!?  We gazed quietly over the water, watched the Bridge of Lions go up for a sailboat (and were ecstatic we weren’t sitting in the line of traffic waiting!) and enjoyed the breeze off the river.  The road was busy, so sometimes it got a little louder than I would have liked, but we just played the “guess which song that was” game when cars drove by with the windows down.  People listen to some weird stuff!

We were celebrating our 14th anniversary, but Harry’s is celebrating their 25th!  Happy Anniversary, Harry’s Seafood!!  Chris ordered off their special menu- New Orleans Ribeye with a Fried Grit Cake.  What?  You think those look like Harry’s Smashed Potatoes?!  That’s because they are- the kitchen oopsed and so he was graciously served both.  He normally wouldn’t touch grits with a ten-foot-pole, but he loves Harry’s fried grit cake.  So if you’re a visiting Northerner 😉 try the grits… you just might like them!!

Like I mentioned earlier, I always order the Redfish.  But this time I tried the Filet ($23.99).  Topped with roasted garlic butter and crispy fried onions, there’s a lot to love about this filet!  I tried a bite of Chris’ Ribeye and there is just no comparison- order the filet.  The onion straws make a nice presentation, but don’t add to the flavor of the filet, so I set them aside.  Everything at Harry’s is made in-house, from marinades to the smashed potatoes, which are tasty and quite a generous portion.

Protip #3: Save room for dessert.  Easier said than done.

Every time we eat at Harry’s, we order their chocolate bread pudding for dessert.  It’s so very chocolatey and the ice cream melts over the hot bread pudding and makes for an amazing indulgence.  {If you must see it, I snapped a good picture of it for our Harry’s Courtyard for live music post.}

Whether you end up on the patio under white lights being serenaded by live musicians or upstairs on the patio relaxing with a great view of the Bridge of Lions, cheers!  Cheers for romantic dinners!  Cheers for a lifetime of love!  And Cheers for Harry’s!

Harry’s Seafood Restaurant
46 Avenida Menendez

call ahead for seating (904) 824-7765

My review of Harry’s with a group of friends.

While Harry’s provided dinner, all photos and comments, mmmm’s and aahhh’s are my own!

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