St. Augustine Love Trees

Love Tree St Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is the perfect romantic destination-  Our weather is amazing year round and you can casually stroll from your hotel to dinner and around town without fighting traffic or getting lost.  If you do get lost, you’re likely to happen upon a delightful discovery- something enchanting and romantic.  You might just happen upon a love tree.

The most dramatic Love Tree in St. Augustine is found between Prosperity Bank & Upchurch Law Offices.

What is a “love tree”?  When two trees are so tightly entwined that they must embrace forever or both die… that is a love tree.  The legend goes something like this:

If you kiss your loved one under the love tree, you’ll seal your love for eternity.  Sweet fairytale!!  In reality, I think if you’re still smiling after tracking down seven pairs of trees in tropical Florida you just might have the humor & commitment it takes for love to last a lifetime…

Love Tree Kiss St Augustine
We’ve kissed beneath all the love trees we can find- but true love is about commitment & God’s blessing!

Actually, you’re more likely to stumble upon a love tree than you may think.  We have at least seven of these odd couples in historic St. Augustine!  Hunting for these symbiotic sweethearts on a lovely springtime day provides a fantastic backdrop to explore the city and discover your own personal favorite spots along the way.

St. Augustine Love Trees:

  1. 6 Cordova Street – This is St. Augustine’s most popular- it’s easy to find beside the Love Tree Cafe. {pix above}  It’s basically at the corner of Cordova and Orange.  You’ll find a Sabal Palm (our state tree) growing out of the heart of an oak. 
  2. The Senator in the Howard Johnson parking lot is not only a love tree but stood when Juan Ponce de Leon first discovered la Florida!  It’s been core tested to be at least 600 years old!

    St Augustine Senator Tree
    St Augustine’s old Senator is also a Love Tree
  3. Randy, with Old Town Trolley, directed me to this love tree off Bridge St.  Look in front of the catholic school just before Aviles:

    Intertwined, romantic trees
    These trees embrace dramatically. Kiss your love beneath them to guarantee your love will last!
  4. Janet, a Simply St. Augustine facebook friend, told me about a love tree on the grounds of Mission of Nombre de Dios.  We tracked it down today!  Here’s how to find it:
    • Park by the gift shop and enter the Mission grounds through that building.
    • After walking out the back {double doors by the restrooms}, turn left.
    • Once you exit the covered area, you’ll see the sidewalk forks.  Walk to the left.
    • The tree will be approximately 74 steps ahead.  Well, if you’re 5’4″ and holding a toddler’s hand.  It’s the only Love Tree in St. Augustine I know of that’s not growing out of an oak!!
  5. There are newly developing LOVE TREES scattered around town.  Also ones that are very snuggly but not quite intertwined- like this one at 294 St. George Street.  Shall we call it a crush tree?  Or a really, really like tree?
  6. Southern Carriage horse & buggy tours directed me to 3 love tree pairs.  Enjoy a carriage ride to view several.  You’ll find the most dramatic love tree in St. Augustine on Prosperity Bank property.  Pull into the parking lot of Upchurch, Bailey & Upchurch to see it (780 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard) 

A Love Tree Hunt is a great way to spend the day with your love!

7. You’ll find #7 South of town near the Council on Aging.

To complete your St. Augustine Love Tree Scavenger Hunt, pick up some perfect picnic supplies and make a romantic memory with your love!  Viva romance! Viva St. Augustine!

LOCALS: If you know of other love trees, email me the location (can include a story or picture if you’d like to share!) and I’ll add it to the list.  I’m happy to offer 1 month AD space to show my thanks if you can help me find one I don’t know about! 🙂



  1. Tammy Shelton says

    WE went exploring weekend before last in the historic district and found one quite by accident…I only know about the “Famous” one and didn’t realize there was more so we were surprised. This was around 10 at night so I don’t remember the exact address but it’s on one of the steets off of the bay inbetween the area of The Oldest House and the National Guard Armory. I’ll go back soon and take a picture and get the exact address.

  2. William says

    Great Idea to see the city and still have fun looking for these trees, definitely going to do this in the next month. Great Idea.

  3. Larry smith says

    There’s a LOVE tree at the corner or Dumas st and st Francis st MY fiancé and I kissed under that tree we will be married next sat the 29 th at the lightner chapel
    We are locals and are business owners in town

  4. Samantha Smyth says

    Hey There!
    There is a love tree at the fountain of youth, right at the end of the trail before the the boardwalk that leads out to the water. My Fiancee and I are getting married on August 28th of this year underneath it! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks for the heads-up, Samantha! I was there recently but didn’t take photos… I’ll put that on the {very long} list. Or you can email me a pix from your wedding & I’ll include here! 🙂

  5. sandra says

    I will be going to st Augustine this weekend and would love any suggestions of places to go with a couple

    • says

      Sandra- Take a look through the dining section of my site for some tasty dinner options. Catch 27, BlackFly and Michaels Tasting Room are great options for a double date! If you need more help, feel free to email me or ask on facebook:

    • says

      That’s fun, Sylvia! It’s neat that you can find them across the state. 🙂 ~Allie O.

  6. Jackie says

    hello..anyone know where #7 tree by council and aging is or have a picture of it. I’ve tried looking for it but can’t find it.

    • says

      I’ve driven by but can’t think of how to describe it… if I go by again soon, I’ll snap a photo! ~Allie O.

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