Wood Mark Watches Bring Classy Timepieces to St. Augustine

Wood Mark is a local company who is excited to get the word out about their sustainable wood watches. I’m happy to promote these timepieces, as I’ve shared in my disclosure

I LOVE MAIL! Don’t you? It’s so fun when packages appear on our doorstep… even though they’re usually for my hubby.

I’m computer savvy- our family has 2 businesses whose success largely depends on social media and online marketing. But I hate shopping online. So packages on the porch always say Mr. Simply. Never Mrs. Simply. Until today… and it had a St. Augustine postmark…

Wood Mark Watches
Even the packaging of a Wood Mark watch is special. I love the gold lettering on the faux wood grain box.

I opened a package to find 2 classy Wood Mark watches!

The Wood Mark company sells distinctive wood watches. Two-toned time pieces are eye catching but after studying the site for almost an hour, I opted for the classic Sandalwood Heritage for myself and a business-appropriate stainless steel and wood watch for Ben. I’m patting myself on the back for such an awesome “first day at work” gift and he’s high fiving me, too. He loves it and said it’s been a conversation starter with businessmen.

Stainless Wood Watch Woodmark
Equally at home in the office or outdoors, we picked Wood Mark’s Chesapeake for our 16 year old son.
Wood Watch
Forgive the loose fit of the watch- this photo was snapped *before* we realized how easy it is to resize a Wood Mark watch!

Y’all know how much I love supporting local businesses… well Wood Mark makes that job easy for me. They are locally owned, the watches are crafted from sustainably harvested woods and hypo-allergenic stainless steel and they look great! Win win! {or would that be a win win win?}

WoodMark Watch St Augustine
A box of Wood Mark Watches packed up for a fashion industry trade show in the Tampa Bay area.

If you’re rough on your watches, go for a stainless & wood one. I snapped a link on my all wood band the first day I wore it when I accidentally supported the weight of the baby carrier on it. No biggie though- Wood Mark has a 1 year warranty on the band. I had extra links from sizing my watch {<-how to} so instead of contacting them to utilize my warranty, I used one of my extra links. Easy peasy! Now I know to be a bit more careful and I haven’t had a problem since. {side note: Just to be sure, I waited almost a month to post this. If I have any problems in the coming months, I’ll update this post.}

My honest review of the all wood watch? It’s a very pretty piece that gets a lot of looks. I’ve had fun chatting with friends and strangers about it and I’m proud to wear a sustainably harvested wooden watch. These woods are from fast-growing trees and my watch has this great, slightly spicy scent that reminds me of gardenias. 🙂 That alone is a reason to buy, IMO! Also, I had to re-learn how to read a faceless watch and almost left an hour early for an event yesterday so it’s even improved my timeliness! LOL!

I love the stainless & wood watch on Ben- it’s classy enough for the office but playful enough to totally fit with his preppy teenage guy look. It would have been totally apropos for my hubby but already he has a timepiece he loves & doesn’t wear a watch enough to need 2. If I were to buy another for Chris, I’d go for the rectangle-faced piece. It’s super cool.

Wood Mark Wood Watches
Wood Mark #twinsies! Mamma’s watch on top, Ben’s freckled arm is below.

Shop Here: Wood Mark Watches
Naturally Distinctive!

As I mentioned above, I’m helping Wood Mark get the word out. These watches were given to me so I could review the product for my readers. If you’re in the market for a watch, check out their site!

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