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Today we welcome guest writer Eva from Teens Got Cents. She’s a frugal teen blogger and is sharing the perfect day in St. Augustine for any teen on a budget! 

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When Mrs. O of Simply St. Augustine asked me about guest posting, it wasn’t what I expected. She challenged me to blog about having a special day in St. Augustine with a friend (no problem) with only $25 each. $25 bucks? I can live on $25 bucks for 4 months! At first I thought it would be NO problem! After all, she said I could bring a friend. We would each have $25 to spend and could pool our money! So I went about my summer and didn’t give it much more thought.

Then it was time to plan the trip. My mom asked me what I was planning to do. I didn’t really know except for the fact that I wanted to invite my friend Lexi to go with me. Then she asked me what we were going to eat. I didn’t know that either. So we started looking at prices online and I realized that I was in deep trouble. I decided right then that my plan was for me and Lexi to walk down St. George Street, not buy or look at anything and then drive home.

My mother didn’t think that was a great plan and said, “You cannot write a blog post about walking down St. George Street. BORING.” Agreed. So we kept looking and thinking of something to do. Here is what we came up with:

Parking:We arrived around 10am and there was still plenty of parking next to the ‘Plaza de la Constitution’. Parking for a few hours was $4.50- much less than the parking garage.

Directly across from the Plaza was our first destination. I had never been inside the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. It was so beautiful and serene. Most of our pictures didn’t turn out very well (that happens when you just have a camera phone) but I wish you could see all of the stained glass windows that depict the life of St. Augustine.

Shopping:One of my favorite shops on St. George Street is The Red Pineapple Boutique. They have some of the cutest dresses I have ever seen – and jewelry and accessories and things for your room…well. I could go on. It’s amazing!

After Lexi and I pried ourselves away from The Red Pineapple, we found ourselves in the Theatre Magic Shop.

I didn’t really know what to expect and was a little creeped out about going into the shop. I was surprised when the magician gave Lexi and I our own magic show and it was actually pretty impressive. He made a card ‘float’ and Lexi said that she couldn’t feel anything at all different about the card when he placed it in her hand.

We continued looking around on St. George Street until we found EarthBound Trading Company. They had all sorts of things but Lexi and I liked the masquerade ball masks the best. If I ever get invited to go to a masquerade I know where to get my mask!

We did have one disappointment in the day. A Colonial area has just opened in the historic district. I really wanted to see what it was all about. But, alas, the tickets to get in were $12 each. And you know. We have the whole $25 dollar budget and everything – so we took a picture of the sign out front. It was all we could afford.

We comforted ourselves with gelato from Cafe Del Hidalgo. I really felt much better after the gelato. Did I mention it felt like it was about 105 degrees that day? I got chocolate and peanut butter and Lexi got Butterfinger. We got the small size and the total was $9.80.

Lunch We continued looking around for a while after our snack and just enjoyed going in and out of shops as we headed back toward the car and the Plaza. By the time we got back we were all hungry. We planned ahead and brought our lunch. It was easy to spread out a few beach towels and enjoy our sandwiches in the shade.

TourAfter we relaxed at the Plaza we hopped in the car and headed down to the Camanchee Cove Marina for the next part of our adventure. My mom found a great deal on a dolphin tour {Allie here- sorry to interrupt. I no longer recommend Jax Water Tours or their sister company Dolphin Tours due to the owner’s arrest record. This boat remains the most affordable water tour but their ethical choices make it such that I cannot support them. Eva’s trip was before locals knew of Capt. Brooks unsavory lifestyle. Instead, I recommend Florida Water Tours, currently the only boat tour operating out of Camachee Cove. Tell Jessica Allie at Simply St. Augustine sent you and she’ll give you her best price! Ok- back to Eva’s story…}  Both Lexi and I were able to go on the Dolphin Tour for $34.00! We had a great time and the dolphins were beautiful. We even saw some of them jumping out of the water!

After the dolphin tour we drove back through town and spotted the St. Augustine Carousel. We knew we were going to be a little over budget, but we just didn’t care! The carousel is only $1 per person and it was totally worth it!

Lexi and I had so much fun! Even if your budget is tight you can have a great day with some careful planning. Here is the breakdown of our day:

  • Parking: $4.50
  • Gelato: $9.80
  • Dolphin Tour: $36.38
  • Carousel Ride: $2.00

GRAND TOTAL: $52.68 or $26.34 each. Lexi and I split everything evenly so we each ended up $1.34 over budget.

Thank goodness Mom had her wallet…

be centsible!


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