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I didn't start Simply St. Augustine to make money. {Good thing, too... I would've quit long ago. LOL} Waaaay back in 2011, I wanted to build community, host a platform for my writing and photography about St. Augustine and blog sweet family memories here in St. Augustine so I started a blog. I didn't try to make a dime. That was dumb. Running a website takes time {writing, photography, editing... not to mention all the restaurants I have to try and experiences I'm forced to endure for the greater good!}, money {coffee money, gas money, web guy and hosting money} … [Read more...]

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Summer Writing Contest

It's summertime and some kids are ecstatic they don't have to pick up a pen for a few months! This post is not for them. Here, read this one instead or maybe this one. Or just work your way through all these fun  St. Augustine #staycation ideas! Now, to the students who like to write... who think in creative sentences and dream up leads or new characters as you're drifting off to sleep, this one is for you. A little backstory first. Years before I saw my first piece printed in a travel magazine, before the parenting columns or my own blog, someone gave me a chance. … [Read more...]

It could’ve been worse… {it could’ve happened in Nevada}

Kookaburra Coffee St Augustine

Today started out beautifully.  Three of my kids spent the night with Granny & Pops so I only had 3 littles to get up and out for our field trip in Historic St. Augustine.  Easy, breezy.  We left the cloudy, rainy skies behind and we left in plenty of time to swing by Kookaburra for my fave coconut latte!! One for me {sweet} and one for my mom {not so sweet}.  I called ahead and Spencer was even kind enough to have them ready for me!  As we parked in the Castillo lot for our field trip, I smiled at the sun shining in the brilliant sky... it was going to be a perfect … [Read more...]