Fuente de los Canos in St. Augustine and Spain

Fuente de los Canos St Augustine

I've been to the Visitor's Center in St. Augustine more times than I can count.  I park in the adjacent parking garage all the time and walk the city from there.  Why it took me years to notice this fountain, I'm not sure- but in case you haven't sat on its ledge before, let me introduce you! The Fuente de los Canos de San Francisco was a gift from St. Augustine's sister city in Spain, Aviles.  A plaque next to our fountain explains the connection between the two cities {Aviles was the birth place of Pedro Menendez, founder of St. Augustine} and elaborates on the … [Read more...]

Live, Laugh, Love in St Augustine

Playing on the streets of St Augustine

We love where we live. St. Augustine is the nation's oldest city.  It's full of local businesses, cobbled streets, and laughing kids. Well, laughing kids when we parents slow down long enough to let them have fun just being kids. I love that my children find joy in the simple things... and teach me to as well. Whom or what do you love in #StAugustine?  Join the conversation on twitter- tag me @SimplyStAug- or on facebook search Simply St. Augustine! … [Read more...]

Palencia Pirate Ship Park

Palencia Pirate Ship Park

** UPDATE: Palencia's Pirate Ship Park is no longer home to this big, wooden ship. They've gone to a newer style play space ideal for younger children. ** Next time your kiddos are being crazy and you're tempted to tie 'em up & tell 'em to walk the plank, load them up instead and head to the Pirate Ship Playground at Palencia. This mixed use park offers something for everyone- from baby swings to ball fields.  It's about a mile into the Palencia development off US1 (before the gate) and there is a Starbucks on the corner of US1 & Palencia Village Drive! … [Read more...]