Sail Away on Schooner Freedom

Since 1565, St. Augustine has been a seafaring town. The fort, the cross, the lighthouse, the Bridge of Lions and the low, beautiful skyline of the Historic District are all uniquely appreciated from the water. Since 2001, one St. Augustine water tour has sailed beyond the rest- the premier tall ship Freedom. I've heard it said that a good Cap'n keeps a tight ship. By these standards, Captain Jon is a fine man. His crew is friendly and playful yet respectful. The Freedom is clean and orderly and everything is in its proper place. Once the ship is underway, the … [Read more...]

Corazon Cinema

Corazon Movies Downtown St Augustine

Tucked away at the end of Granada Street is a local gem- Corazon Cinema and Cafe. The cafe opens for lunch at 11:00 AM and weeknight movies start at 7:00 PM but this venue strives to be more than just a movie theatre. Special events, matinees, room rentals, live music and free parking make Corazon an easy entertainment choice in the heart of St. Augustine. Hubby and I slipped down to Corazon on a quiet weeknight for dinner and a movie. We were both relieved that the beer selection went beyond Bud & Bud Lite. He ordered a local brew without question- Bold City … [Read more...]

10 MUST TRY Food Experiences in St. Augustine

foodie st augustine

So you've eaten at Columbia and Collage and think you know St. Augustine... but how well have you experienced the unique flavors St. Augustine has to offer? Without further ado, I present to you my 10 MUST TRY foodie experiences in St. Augustine. In no particular order... because they're all my favorites. 1. Catch 27's Minorcan Chowder The Minorcan people came to St. Augustine from Spain in 1777 and many locals still celebrate their Minorcan heritage today- Minorcan Chowder is a big part of the culture they celebrate. Several restaurants on the First Coast serve this … [Read more...]

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth St Augustine

A 2 story globe. 15 waterfront acres. 30 peacocks. 500 years of documented history. 600 foot observation dock. St. Augustine's Fountain of Youth Park is a surprisingly refreshing stop if you know what you're diving in to! Our family is enjoying "staycationing" in our hometown this summer. Perks come with staycations... like knowing the summer weather patterns! We visited the Fountain of Youth one afternoon and timed it so we'd spend the rainy part of the afternoon in the 2 inside attractions. The first is the Navigator's Planetarium where a peacock tried to … [Read more...]

The Treasury on the Plaza

Brenda Bushell Treasury St Augustine

St. Augustine is a town of many secrets. The best coffee here is not Starbucks, the best burger is not Five Guys, and the best beach isn't in the midst of the hustle and bustle either.  To really enjoy this town, you have to dig your toes in the sand, explore hidden streets and chat with the locals. Or follow my St. Augustine blog faithfully. Or both. Last week, I got a sneak peek of the gorgeous, new-but-old wedding venue in St. Augustine- The Treasury on the Plaza.  You'd never know this gracious event space is tucked away inside the Flagler-era Cathedral Place … [Read more...]

DOW Museum of Historic Homes

St Augustine History dow

** update: The Dow Museum has, unfortunately, closed. ** I thought I'd just run in to the Dow Museum of Historic Homes to gather info for a piece I was writing for Compass Magazine.  Instead, I was drawn into a magical collection of old homes and an afternoon of fun discovery with my children! The Dow Museum is a collection of 9 historic homes dating from 1790 to 1910.  Kenneth Dow purchased and donated these homes- thus the name of the museum.  I'm not sure what I expected {besides boring}, but via my camera lens, I enjoyed this time-worn history collage through my … [Read more...]

Pot Belly’s Cinema – a reminisce about the good/bad ole days

Potbellies Downtown Theater St Augustine

**Update 10/2014: Corazon Cinemas & Cafe is open in the theater-formerly-known-as-Pot-Belly's. It's clean and classy, not creepy and sticky. Click through ^that link to read the review but don't miss this reminisce:** Pot Belly's Cinema served downtown St. Augustine for-e-ver {Sandlot reference for all my 80s peeps}. Sometimes being a staple of a city for decades is a good thing- like the Columbia Restaurant, the Castillo de San Marcos and DeNoel Pastry {now closed}.  Other times, forever = bad as in Santa Maria Restaurant.  Some would easily group Potbellies with the … [Read more...]

Yard Bird Cafe {now The Blue Hen}

Yard Bird Chicken & Biscuits St Augustine

The Yard Bird Cafe has moved and is now called The Blue Hen. They changed names and location but it's the same delish food! Sunday afternoon.  We usually grab leftovers after church and then enjoy our highly protected Sunday Afternoon Nap, but last Sunday hubby had some work to do, so the kiddos & I hit the road.  We discovered something better than a Sunday afternoon nap in a thunderstorm... we tried Yard Bird Cafe. We passed our 15 minute wait quickly at the Olde Towne Toy Shop next door.  I bought a card game {shhh... don't tell the kids it's a learning game!} … [Read more...]