Top 10 Places for Family Photos in St. Augustine

Top 10 places for family photos in st augustine

Ben is 15. That means 15 years of family photos under our belt- and believe me, it's been a long time since we crammed into the Sears Portrait Studio for a hurried {or should I say harried?} torture photo session. When we moved to St. Augustine, we decided we were more catch us in real life people than say cheese right now, dangit people and thus began a decade of searching for the perfect on-location photography spots. Fortunately for us, St. Augustine offers so many perfect backdrops, you could take a different family photo every day for a year! Fortunately for you, … [Read more...]

Summer Staycation Idea: Find the BEST Beach in St Augustine!

31 Days Best Beach in St Augustine

Simply St. Augustine hosted a writing & photography contest as part of our 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series... it was so much fun seeing the work that local students sent in! All the photos in today's post were shot by student photographers- feel free to comment with your encouragement. I'm so proud of them! St. Johns County boasts over 40 miles of coastline and although they're all in one county, our beaches do have distinct personalities. So that begs the question... What is the best beach in St. Augustine? We have beaches so packed with shells you … [Read more...]

Kids Pirate Tour – Pirates, Plunder and Parlay

St Augustine History Tour Kids

St. Augustine was a pirate's playground in the late 1500's. Our kids recently joined a Pirates, Plunder and Parlay tour and did their own plundering of St. Augustine's booty!! We had sword fights, scavenged the city and learned history {shhh, don't tell... it's fun and educational!}. Follow our swashbuckling fun in the post below... methinks you'll be plannin' yer own pirate tour soon!! First, I have to say that I was completely blown away by Aruna, our pirate tour guide! She kept all 12 kids engaged, in line and smiling throughout the 90 minute tour. She was patient … [Read more...]

DOW Museum of Historic Homes

St Augustine History dow

** update: The Dow Museum has, unfortunately, closed. ** I thought I'd just run in to the Dow Museum of Historic Homes to gather info for a piece I was writing for Compass Magazine.  Instead, I was drawn into a magical collection of old homes and an afternoon of fun discovery with my children! The Dow Museum is a collection of 9 historic homes dating from 1790 to 1910.  Kenneth Dow purchased and donated these homes- thus the name of the museum.  I'm not sure what I expected {besides boring}, but via my camera lens, I enjoyed this time-worn history collage through my … [Read more...]

Colonial Quarter St. Augustine!

Colonial Quarter St Augustine Blacksmith

If you've been downtown anytime over the past few years, you've heard sounds from the Colonial Quarter. Hammering continues as the boatwright works on the boat, staccato clangs hint at hot fires in the forge, and the occasional gunshot explodes behind the wall. You've heard it but many tourists never see the Colonial Quarter. Although this two-acre attraction is tucked between two busy tourist corridors, it blends seamlessly into historic St. Augustine... because it is historic St. Augustine. Walk with me through a few highlights of St. Augustine's Colonial … [Read more...]

Colonial Spanish Quarter

** UPDATE: The Colonial Spanish Quarter is OPEN again!!  The new Colonial Quarter encompasses British colonial, Spanish colonial & Native American history.  Pat Croce, owner of the St. Augustine Pirate Museum, revitalized it.  View preview pictures of the NEW COLONIAL QUARTER <-here!** Like jewelry?  Like the history of St. Augustine?  How about live music, freshly harvested produce, and seeing the arts of yesteryear being practiced?  Like catching a cool bay breeze on a warm, sunny day while strolling under the dappled shade of venerable Florida oaks?  Welcome to … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Beach

St Augustine Beach Boardwalk Sunset

A couple of weeks ago, we hit Burrito Works Taco Shop on Anastasia Island for dinner and then walked across the street to St. Augustine Beach for sunset.  It's November, so the weather was too cool for a swim in my book- but perfect for bird & surfer watching, splashing and watching the sunset. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll shut up and show you a glimpse of the beauty of St. Augustine Beach / Anastasia Island at sunset. The boardwalk crosses the dunes.  I love the wildflowers and sea oats that thrive here. We had the place {mostly} to … [Read more...]