Hot Shot Bakery

Hot Shot Bakery St Augustine

I met Sherry Stoppelbein at a Women's Food Alliance event when her meatloaf beat mine in a cook-off. Now that I've eaten in her restaurant and seen shelves lined with awards and honors for best chowder, best Datil Pepper sauce, best... best... best... I see I stood no chance. Fortunately, you can enjoy her art -which is making any meal amazing- at local Hot Shot Bakery which faces Lightner Museum's plaza. Here's a virtual visit to hold you over... When you first walk in, you'll meet Sherry and some of her team: … [Read more...]

Namaste Restaurant

Baba Ghannouj St Augustine Mediterranean Restaurant

I refer to the restaurant throughout this piece as the Mediterranean Shish-Kebab Restaurant. They have renamed their restaurant to Namaste. Same place! It took a bit of convincing to get the kiddos in the door at St. Augustine's Mediterranean Shish-Kebab Restaurant. They really wanted burgers but I was too tired to drive to GAS and, honestly, it was late and I wanted our food 10 minutes ago. I remembered tales of a Mediterranean Restaurant with an Indian buffet (buffet = no waiting!) ... two minutes later we were pulling in. Four more minutes later I'd convinced everyone … [Read more...]

Enjoy Catch 27 at Home!

Catch 27 Recipe

Catch 27 is my favorite seafood restaurant in St. Augustine. Fresh fish local fishermen caught the night before are what you'll find featured at dinner that night... unless you don't like seafood, in which case you should try the meatloaf which I hear is amazing. If you're craving Catch 27 but can't find a parking spot downtown, try this recipe at home: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:11]   Recipe provided by Stephen Hutson, owner of Catch 27. Catch is located at 40 Charlotte Street. Read my blog about Catch 27 here. Call ahead for reservations: (904) 217-3542. … [Read more...]

Cantina Louie

Fajitas Cantina Louie

Cantina Louie... there's been a lot of buzz about this Mexican Street Food restaurant. Can it live up to the hype? The kiddos and I went recently- this was our experience: Like most Mexican restaurants, Cantina Louie brings chips & salsa while you peruse the menu. We added an order of Guacamole Dip {$5.99} since we were eating a very late 2:30 lunch. After a squeeze of lime and extra dash of salt, we dug in & enjoyed this traditional avocado dip. I really wanted to try some of the Mexican Street Food items like street corn and tamales but they're … [Read more...]

Jaybirds Restaurant

Jaybirds Gorgonzola Burger

I've driven by dozens of times... maybe hundreds. From the road, Jaybirds wasn't quite convincing enough for me to stop. But when friends raved about the fresh lunch they enjoyed there, Georgia Anne & I decided to try it out on a "girls night out". {Thanks, John & Michelle!} After grubbing potatoes at a Blue Sky Farms event earlier in the day, we were hot & thirsty and ready for an early dinner. Our server Chris {who happened to be the friendly & super helpful bartender} helped me come up with a light & fruity cocktail. Jaybirds stocks several … [Read more...]

Georgie’s Diner

Georgies Diner St Augustine

St. Augustine has a diner that all the locals know but only some tourists stumble upon. Georgie's Diner is instantly recognizable as you drive down Malaga Street and just like diners across the nation, they serve breakfast all day plus a hodgepodge of American classics. The bonus at Georgie's? They offer Greek specialties as well- but you have to know which ones to order. We've been enjoying Georgie's for years. My favorite dish is the Greek Omelet at breakfast (mmm... I love all that feta!). On our last visit, most of us ordered from the dinner menu. We started … [Read more...]

Creative Juices Natural Cafe

Creative Juices Cafe

If you enjoy fresh food, if you enjoy healthy food, if you enjoy veggie food or gluten-free food or whole food, if you have ever had a juice you love or have never had a juice you love... you need to go to Creative Juices Natural Cafe on Anastasia Boulevard. Creative Juices' menu boasts locally sourced veggies and something for everyone. When I went, I ordered the Tempeh Reuben on GF bread and savored every bite as only a GF newbie can do. Man I missed sandwiches... I hope I don't have to be GF forever. But if I do, I'm going to find out what kind of bread this was … [Read more...]

Catch 27 Restaurant

Catch 27 Shrimp and Grits

Since I wrote this post, Catch has grown up a lot! They moved a block away into a much larger space- from Hypolita Street to Charlotte Street. Read my updated post about Catch 27 <-there. I can not believe it's taken me this long to talk about Catch 27!!!  Believe me, my negligence has nothing to do with the quality of this amazing restaurant... I've recommended Catch 27 as serving the best local fish in St. Augustine countless times on facebook and twitter... now it's time for me to sing their praises on the blog. Catch 27 is my favorite destination for fresh, locally … [Read more...]