Who Do You Tip in St. Augustine?

St Augustine Tips

{imagine waves washing against the shore and Spanish guitar strumming peacefully in the background as Florida's sun warms your skin... ok, now you're ready to read...} You're planning a slipaway to St. Augustine complete with B&B reservations, a walking tour and some down time to explore the town's restaurants and bars. Now that you've read up on the best restaurants in St. Augustine and picked the beach you'll hang at, it should be smooth sailing. No decisions to make- just lots of R&R... {Wait!!! Apply brakes!!} Not so fast, Mr. Tourist! You need more help … [Read more...]

Unique Christmas Gifts in St. Augustine

Wine Tasting at The Gifted Cork St. Augustine

I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping.  Those last few people, though, are really hard to buy for! Hubby's wants exceed our budget and he doesn't need anything MIL has everything, drinks Tetley tea (read: can't give coffee goodies) and I've already made her scrapbooks of the grandkids the past 2 years Dad is notorious for returning gifts he doesn't want Preschooler has every toy known to man (hand me downs from 5 older siblings), a million dress up dresses and a box so full of baby dolls it's hard to put away I know you have some of those … [Read more...]

Olde Towne Toys

Olde Towne Toy Shop

** Update: Olde Towne Toys has moved!! Shop through 4/16/2016 at the old King Street Location for 40% off toys!! The new location is bright, open and full of childhood magic. Visit the new Olde Towne Toys at 300 S. Ponce De Leon Blvd! Also, Yard Bird Cafe is now The Blue Hen and it has also moved... it's fun watching this town grow up! I'll leave this post up to keep the memory.** Usually, wait time at a restaurant equals moans and groans from the kids {and from us if it's been a long day!}.  But when parents have to wait for a table at The Yard Bird Cafe, kids will … [Read more...]

The Home T: Florida

The Home.T is the softest, most hip way I've seen to show everyone you Love where you live. Y'all know how hot it gets in Florida... there are days I don't really want to dress up!  But makeup artist Noreen Young reminded me during our TV appearance that even on the hottest days, we Florida girls can still look cool!  This T is my new favorite solution.  I throw it on with a pair of vibrant shorts & some jewelry and I'm cool and comfy! As if just looking & feeling amazing isn't enough, Home.T goes the extra mile by donating a portion of their profits to MS … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Style- 5 ways to wear Emerald

Where to shop in St Augustine

This month, Simply welcomes fashionista and guest blogger Angie!  Below, she shares how to incorporate the latest styles & colors into your real-life Florida wardrobe.  Learn more about Angie from her bio next week! Merriam-Webster defines fashion: the prevailing style during a particular time. To me, fashion is wearing what makes you feel most beautiful, inside and out. You don’t have to have the most expensive jeans or the newest bag. Reaching your full fashion potential is as easy as finding the right shape for your body type or leaving your comfort zone by color … [Read more...]

Spice and Tea Exchange of St. Augustine

St. Augustine Spice and Tea

There are spices... cinnamon, basil, thyme... and then there are Spice and Tea SPICES.  Espresso Steak Rub! Applewood Smoked Sea Salt! Imported Malaysian Ginger Curry!  The Spice and Tea Exchange of St. Augustine is full of spices- some exotic, others familiar but all fresh and bold! I've been a Spice and Tea regular for years- two staples I always keep on hand are the spicy ghost pepper sea salt and romano cheese for popcorn.  When you go, take your time as you peruse the small shop- I discover new favorites all the time.  Ask to taste any you're interested in- try … [Read more...]

The Best Chocolate in St. Augustine

Nothing says "I love you" like really good chocolate.  Fortunately, I live in a city rich with options: handmade chocolates, frozen hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate croissants, chocolate Chocolate CHOCOLATE... no wonder I love St. Augustine! Here's a chocolate lover's guide to the best chocolate in St. Augustine! Everyone has their favorites- these are a few of mine.  If I left out YOUR favorite chocolate shop in St. Augustine, comment below and I'll add it to the list! Claude's Chocolate makes the most amazing truffles from the best ingredients!  … [Read more...]

Romantic Shops in St Augustine

St Augustine Gift Shops Red Pineapple

While you're in St. Augustine for your romantic weekend, pick up a souvenir that will remind you of your sweet time away.  Last weekend, we found several "sweet nothings" at Red Pineapple on St. George Street.  I loved the current look with timeless sayings!  Hunting for a perfect piece for you and your honey can be part of your fun! Ideas for romantic weekend souvenirs in St. Augustine: A nautical or historic Christmas Ornament House Numbers painted on Spanish Tiles for your home A shopping trip at the St. Augustine Outlets!  One of my favorite anniversaries … [Read more...]