Dine through History: St. Augustine’s History in Food

This post is in response to Shelley, a facebook fan who needed some help enjoying St. Aug after hours during her work trip! If you have a question, feel free to ask me or post it on facebook or twitter! Some people come to St. Augustine and never step foot in the fort, climb aboard a trolley or stroll through the Colonial Quarter. They love us for our beaches, our walkability and our local foodie scene. We're flattered. Really. But you have to explore our history! I mean, we're the oldest continually occupied city in the US! {Oops. I got a little excited. Stepping off … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Restaurants for Vegetarians

If you are looking for Gluten Free Restaurants in St Augustine, <-click there. We went veggie in 1999. Back then, ordering a vegetarian meal usually meant suffering through an iceberg lettuce salad or servers suggesting chicken or fish as an alternative to meat. We've come a long way, baby. St. Augustine is an easy place for vegetarians to eat out. There are veggie options at just about every restaurant and legit vegan ones at most... but all veggies know there is a huge difference between finding something that will do and choosing a restaurant that serves … [Read more...]

10 MUST TRY Food Experiences in St. Augustine

foodie st augustine

So you've eaten at Columbia and Collage and think you know St. Augustine... but how well have you experienced the unique flavors St. Augustine has to offer? Without further ado, I present to you my 10 MUST TRY foodie experiences in St. Augustine. In no particular order... because they're all my favorites. 1. Catch 27's Minorcan Chowder The Minorcan people came to St. Augustine from Spain in 1777 and many locals still celebrate their Minorcan heritage today- Minorcan Chowder is a big part of the culture they celebrate. Several restaurants on the First Coast serve this … [Read more...]

Who Do You Tip in St. Augustine?

St Augustine Tips

{imagine waves washing against the shore and Spanish guitar strumming peacefully in the background as Florida's sun warms your skin... ok, now you're ready to read...} You're planning a slipaway to St. Augustine complete with B&B reservations, a walking tour and some down time to explore the town's restaurants and bars. Now that you've read up on the best restaurants in St. Augustine and picked the beach you'll hang at, it should be smooth sailing. No decisions to make- just lots of R&R... {Wait!!! Apply brakes!!} Not so fast, Mr. Tourist! You need more help … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places for Family Photos in St. Augustine

Top 10 places for family photos in st augustine

Ben is 15. That means 15 years of family photos under our belt- and believe me, it's been a long time since we crammed into the Sears Portrait Studio for a hurried {or should I say harried?} torture photo session. When we moved to St. Augustine, we decided we were more catch us in real life people than say cheese right now, dangit people and thus began a decade of searching for the perfect on-location photography spots. Fortunately for us, St. Augustine offers so many perfect backdrops, you could take a different family photo every day for a year! Fortunately for you, … [Read more...]