Summer Staycation Idea: Find the BEST Beach in St Augustine!

31 Days Best Beach in St Augustine

Simply St. Augustine hosted a writing & photography contest as part of our 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series... it was so much fun seeing the work that local students sent in! All the photos in today's post were shot by student photographers- feel free to comment with your encouragement. I'm so proud of them! St. Johns County boasts over 40 miles of coastline and although they're all in one county, our beaches do have distinct personalities. So that begs the question... What is the best beach in St. Augustine? We have beaches so packed with shells you … [Read more...]

Beach Birthday Sunrise

Beach Birthday Wish

My MacBook Air is full.  It's less than a year old and it's full.  Kind of ironic- it's memory is full of memories.  See, I take a LOT of pictures.  Aaaand {until now} I haven't utilized external storage for said pictures.  Now, since my hard drive is full, I'm sorting & organizing and {gasp} deleting. But some memories I can't delete.  And even if I deleted off my hard drive... their imprint in my mind is indelible.  I'll share one I came across tonight with you: Hubby swore we'd watched the sun rise before.  I wasn't so sure about that.  So for my 33rd Birthday, … [Read more...]

Beaches at Vilano

Vilano Beach Restaurants

Some places you go for the food, some for the atmosphere, some for the people… take a look at this photo and you'll know why we go there: We popped by Beaches after a long morning in town at official functions where my six sweeties {err… 4 sweeties and 2 naughties?!} had to be relatively still & quiet for 4 hours.  They did great.  But we were all d.u.n. done.  On a whim, we headed over the Vilano Bridge and pulled into Beaches. I hoped for outdoor seating where we wouldn't disturb any other diners on this late weekday afternoon… I had no idea we would be eating … [Read more...]

Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach St Augustine

One of the few beaches in St. John's County that permits driving on the beach, Vilano is an easy-to-find beach destination.  It's just 2 miles north of historic St. Augustine and an easy place to park & picnic or for those of you who bring your whole house to the beach!  Beach Driving access March 1 - the end of September. The beach is also accessible by a boardwalk from the parking lot over the dunes.  My favorite feature of this beach is found along the boardwalk- there are several signs picturing some animals you may see during your trip.  We prefer the … [Read more...]