St. Augustine Summer Camp: Anastasia Watersports

Now that summer is here, the pressure is on to find the perfect memory-making, can-I-go-back-tomorrow, fun and educational camp. St. Augustine kids are lucky because tucked inside Anastasia State Park on the island is a blend of nature and watersports for the outdoors-loving kid. Our boys went last week and had a blast… it’s truly a crash-course in loving where we live! There’s one more week and I fully recommend this St. Augustine Summer Camp: Anastasia Watersports.

St. Augustine Summer Camp: Anastasia Watersports

St. Augustine Summer Camp: Anastasia Watersports Sponsored Post 

St. Augustine Summer Camp: Anastasia Watersports

Why you’ll love it: Your kids will learn about the ecology of our local ocean, estuaries and tidal marshes. Here’s the biggie: every trip to the beach all summer long will reinforce this new understanding! Go ahead and put on that supermom cape.

Why they’ll love it: You know all the things your tween would love to try out? Well they get to do it all in one week! Paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and canoeing are just the beginning of camp fun.

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Our boys had a blast learning knots, exploring the saltwater estuary and learning from their fun camp counselors.

Our daughter was desperate to go paddle boarding last year. While we were driving home from her first experience, she was already sharing another experience she couldn’t wait to try next. Life is full of adventure for tweens but can be exhausting for parents trying to keep up. Here’s a cool chance to feed their hunger for excitement with a healthy dose of outdoor fun! I guarantee they’ll sleep well that week!

I spy 2 crabs!! photo belongs to Cape Leisure Anastasia, used with permission

There are four core areas each camp focuses on: watercraft, marsh, beach and rangers. I already mentioned the watercraft but should add that campers will receive instruction and safety information before climbing aboard.

Marsh trail day peaked my interest because campers  will discover native plants and which ones are edible! How cool is that?! They’ll also learn about the importance of plants that are inedible to people but vital to birds during a top-secret “Bird Beak Buffet” activity.

Anastasia Watersports Camp: Summer Fun for St. Augustine Kids

There are summer camps just to pass the time and summer camps that are all play time. Anastasia Watersports Camp promises hands-on fun for kids that ultimately will lead to a better understanding of and appreciation of local ecology. That’s a perfect blend for salty St. Augustine kids!!


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