5 Kid-Friendly Tours in St Augustine

This post is part of my 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series… free & fun ways to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

There is more to St. Augustine’s history than you can fit into a 4th grade field trip. Our family has been exploring this city for 9 straight years now and still have so much to do, see and learn! For a jump-start on St. Augustine’s past and some fun in the present, here are 5 kid-friendly St. Augustine tours you should book this summer: 

St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours crafted this experience just for kids. On this almost 2 hour walking tour, they will:

  • Learn seaman’s terms and how to speak to yer cap’n & dream up pirate names
  • Swordfight!
  • Plunder shops for sweet treats

I love this affordable tour. At only $15 per adult, and 1 free kid {under 10 yo} w/each ticket, you can fit this into your summer staycation budget! Plan for Saturdays at 4:30, though private group tours are available. {great Birthday Party idea!}

2. Colonial Quarter’s Tea Time & Tool Time

Colonial Quarter has always been about hands-on history experiences but these two tours are especially memorable!
  • Tea Time is served in a room built just for that purpose in the 1800’s
  • Kids leave Tool Time with a toolbox they built using old-world craftsmanship!
  • Call for the next available tickets. Tea Times are generally at 1:00 & 3:00 on Fridays and Saturdays; Tool Time 3:00 Saturdays
  • These experiences are $10 each & are separate from purchasing admission to Colonial Quarter {general admission is not required to participate}.

3. Ripley’s Red Train & The Old Town Trolley

St. Augustine is a small city, but your 8 year old will still be worn out at the end of the day when it’s time to trudge back to the parking garage. Remedy that by buying one of these tour tickets. Two different companies, two different looks (trolley vs. train), different details but similar experiences. With either, you get:

  • An overview of the city’s history
  • A glimpse of most historic attractions/landmarks and the opportunity to get off and spend more time at them
  • To feel the breeze of a moving vehicle when all the other suckers are WALKING in the heat

4. Carriage Ride

Everyone loves a horse-drawn carriage ride and our tour companies hire drivers that can really tell a great story, too! You’ll find several lined up along the bay any day of the week- let the kids pick their favorite and climb aboard.

  • Since you’re the only family on the tour, you can ask the driver to personalize the tour a bit. Want to hear more about battles? No ghosts? Current places worth visiting? Ask the driver ahead of time if they know about that area & if they can tailor your experience!
  • Remember to tip your driver
  • Rides are under an hour, but take a potty break before climbing aboard and byo water & snack for the littles in case they get antsy

5. El Castillo

Taking a self-guided tour of the Castillo de San Marcos is an integral part of the St. Augustine experience. But don’t just go once! Exhibits are updated periodically and there is so much to see… here is my don’t miss list:

  • Cannon Firing – ask at the ticket booth what time the next demo will be
  • Read the signs – I know it’s tempting to run through, so maybe choose one or two rooms to slow down in & read each.and.every.word.
  • Find a reenactor and have the kids ask a question or two. Consider talking about what an intelligent question would be before they approach him 😉

There are also water tours & electric car tours & amazing biplane tours… but the above are my top 5 kiddo tours. If you’ve been on a tour you loved, comment to help another reader! Happy exploring! Viva St. Augustine!

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