Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

If you’ve been driving into Jacksonville for big concerts, please let me convince you there is another way!!  Last Sunday, my hubby & I enjoyed a date night- dinner at Harry’s then our first concert at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.  Let me tell you why it was so amazing…

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall is N of St. Augustine, S of Ponte Vedra and just a mile from Micklers Beach!

First, parking was a breeze ($5).  We arrived almost an hour early, so there was no line at all.  We walked across the grassy parking area toward the entrance… and walked right in.  Did I mention there were no lines?  When is the last time you went anywhere downtown without experiencing some sort of headache (parking, traffic, long wait)?!  We didn’t even have our tickets yet, but we were directed to the window and helped without any problems!  Easy, breezy!

There were three bars set up Sunday night.  It sounds like this changes depending on the show.  Lines moved quickly enough.  We found out too late that there is a $10 minimum purchase with a credit card- we had to add a bottle of water to our tab to reach the minimum.  I likely would have ordered another drink after intermission but the minimum kept me from going back.
Protip: There’s a minimum purchase with credit card, so bring cash to eat and drink with!
A full bar (or three) is stocked and caterers sold food the night we visited.

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall was built as a church, not a public venue.  Consequently, “social spaces” aren’t as open as I would have liked but everyone was friendly and many mixed & visited & made new friends- again, it was a very comfortable, friendly atmosphere.  Seats were close together, so some concert-goers chose to stand along the sides or back wall.

Artists’ merchandise is available before, during & after the show.

We arrived when there were only 3 people seated.  Seating varies depending on the event- from general admission to ticketed seats (what we experienced) to standing room only for a dance-type atmosphere.

As the concert drew near, the hall filled to capacity!  A nearby attendant mentioned this was the largest crowd he’d seen of the shows he worked!  I believe most of the staff are volunteers- which makes for a very friendly bunch.  We did feel they could have been a little better with directing as opposed to waiting until asked/correcting after something was done “wrong” {ie: using wrong door but no info was posted to advise not to use}.  They were always friendly… but when in doubt, you’d better ask!

The hall is large for a small venue… very small for a large venue… and just right for this gal!

I loved how intimate the space felt.  We weren’t miles back or up in the nosebleed seats (even though we were on the next-to-last row).  Next time I will purchase closer seats, though.  Since the floor isn’t graded, I was trying to peer over & around a few hundred heads the whole show…

Carolina Chocolate Drops were so much fun live!

But the sound filled the space beautifully!  The acoustics of a well-built church are hard to beat!  Read more about the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  You’ve missed their amazing blend of folk and traditional get-back-to-your-roots music, but PVCH has plenty of other great shows lined up!!  Check out what’s coming our way next:

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
1050 A1A North
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

p.s. I forgot to mention the bathrooms.  No lines!  There were plenty of stalls and the restroom was very, very clean.  That matters to some people {ahem- me} so I thought I’d share.


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