Carriage Rides in St. Augustine

While just about any day is a perfect one for a horse and buggy tour of St. Augustine, these gorgeous fall days are absolutely blissful! We climbed into a Southern Carriages buggy for a 45 minute tour a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed a ride narrated with history, local lore and lots of laughs.

Clara thought she was in a parade- she waved at every car that passed until she fell asleep in her Daddy’s arms. Sweet memories!

Clara waved at cars passing by as though she were the parade queen!
Clara waved at cars passing by as though she were the parade queen!

All horse drawn carriages in St. Augustine follow the same basic route agreed upon with the city. Drivers have some flexibility- especially during downtown construction- in the path they choose but mostly customize the tours by tailoring the stories they tell to your likes.

Being a local, we usually recognize the difference between truths and yarns. If you’re interested in history, I suggest you let your guide know early on so they clarify which accounts are true (the burning of St. Augustine multiple times) and which are tall tales (soldiers removing cannon balls from the walls of the fort & immediately firing back at attacking ships… the cannon balls were removed from walls but were not reused). Whether you’re fascinated by historical accounts, ghosts, celebrities or architecture your guide will likely know some tidbits to pepper into the guided tour!

The Presbyterian Church stands regally in the center of St. Augustine.
The Presbyterian Church stands regally in the center of St. Augustine.

The St. Augustine horse-drawn carriages are ideal for 2 or 4 people but some of Southern Carriages’ larger cabs can squeeze in extras- especially young children. I think it’s helpful to know ahead of time that you should expect additional costs with more passengers.

We drive through St. Augustine’s historic streets all the time. But slowing down and viewing from the carriage opened my eyes to beautiful architecture that I’ve overlooked countless times.

Flagler College- one of the most beautiful campuses in the USA!
Flagler College- one of the most beautiful campuses in the USA!
Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida
Even the lamp posts are awesome at Flagler College!
One of the most photographed entries in town, this unique gate stands out!
One of the most photographed entries in town, this unique gate stands out!

The final stretch of the tour is along the bayfront. Looking out over the recently widened promenade south of the Bridge of Lions reminded me of St. Augustine’s Flagler Era when everything was beautifully built as a wealthy winter playground for Northerners.

Cool breezes blew off the water and the horse continued his familiar route, maintaining a smooth, even gait. The road on this stretch isn’t cobbled so the only bumps I experienced were from the baby boy kicking and hiccuping in my womb. I looked around the carriage at my hubby and children and whispered a prayer of thanks. Thanks, Lord, for knitting our family together. Thank You, Lord, for another beautiful memory. Thanks, Lord, for Florida sunshine and breezes and for life. 

Life can be crazy & hard but life is beautiful. Enjoy today!

Southern Carriage Tours
Southern Carriage Tours in beautiful St. Augustine, FL

Southern Carriage Tours
(904) 347.5067
Reservations suggested. Climb aboard along the bayfront near the fort.


  1. Courtney says

    How much does a carriage ride cost?

    • says

      I didn’t include prices because different companies run different rates- but expect around $85 for 2 plus tip for a narrated 45-60 minute tour.

      • Maggie says

        The city has a standard rate of $85 (thats up to 4 adults) for 45-50 mins and it is a 2.3 mile historically guided tour.

  2. Valerie. says

    We visited your beautiful city about 10 days ago and stayed at a delightful B & B (the St. Francis Inn) for 4 nights. We.had stopped over at St. Augustine many, many years ago as part of a trip to Orlando, but unfortunately we did not get a chance to thoroughly enjoy St. Augustine as we did this time around. What a wonderful city, and with so much history, as well as interesting things to see along the way. We opted not to take a carriage ride. However, we did take a tour on the Old Town Trolley, which we highly recommend and were able to get around easily for 3 days to enjoy everything that we wanted to see. We also dined at three of the restaurants that you had recommended on your blog, (O’Steen’s (scrumptious shrimp!), and The Chocolate Turtle (fantastic desserts!), as well as The Mellow Mushroom (one of our favorite chain-style pizza places!), and we enjoyed every wonderful and delectable morsel that we devoured — LOL! All in all, we had a great time, and would like to come back to your fair city once again some day, and we plan to sing St. Augustine’s praises to all of our friends and family. Au revoir St. Augustine!

    • says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your time here! Come back soon! Viva St. Augustine!

  3. Jj says

    Do not contribute to the exploitation of these beautiful animals by taking a carriage ride. There is nothing romantic about the way these regal creatures are treated behind the scenes. I’ve been to the local stables and stood there before anyone noticed me, all while a couple of horses were being yelled at and hit with a grown man’s fist all because he must gave been having a bad day….these poor animals go through unnecessary things so that you can take your “romantic” carriage ride.

  4. says

    Do you have carriage ride after a wedding for the bride and groom? If so can you give me some package price?

    • says

      Hi Cindy! Yes, Southern Carriages does offer this. You can reach them here: (904) 392-9952

      Tell them I sent you! ~Allie O.

  5. Apryl Black says

    Can we please make a reservation for a carriage ride on December 24th at 9pm for 8 people?

    • says

      Hi Apryl-
      I’m sure you can… but you’ll need to contact the carriage company directly! I am a local who writes about my favorites here in town but I don’t work for or with the carriage company. I just spoke with Bobby last week, though, so I’m sure this phone number is correct: (904) 347.5067

      Have fun!! ~Allie O.

  6. Collssn Ezzell says

    Do any of he carriage companies offer rides through the Nights of Lights route? We particularly want to do this and would prefer a private carriage to the trolley,

    • says

      Absolutely! All the carriage companies park along the bayfront and all take visitors on rides through our beautiful downtown. Enjoy your visit! ~Allie O.

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