Crocodile Crossing Zipline in St. Augustine

I’ve wanted to zipline since my buddy Emmy went in Costa Rica right after high school.  It sounded sooo cool, but Costa Rica was too far away for this Mamma!!  Fast forward a decade… when Crocodile Crossing opened at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, I couldn’t wait to zip over {pun totally intended} to try this attraction!  😉

Last Saturday, I finally had a chance to zip the zoo with Ben (13) and my hubby- who is… err… uncomfortable at high altitudes.  Here’s a glimpse into our morning and protips for your St. Augustine Alligator Farm zip line experience:

We were told to arrive 15 minutes early {standard for all tours in St. Augustine} for our 11:00 zip.  I was glad we were there on time… until we saw the rest of the group already assembled and waiting for us!!  Staff was friendly, though, and quickly handed out our gear and tightened our harnesses.

Protip: For weekend & holiday zips, give yourself more than the required 15 minute buffer.

I appreciated the clear instructions, safety precautions and a chance to “try the ropes” with a ground-level training course before we went up.  We trained as a group, but once we went up people automatically spread out so after the first 2 obstacles, I never felt crowded.  And my hubby conquered his fear of heights- he said always being connected was comforting and the course is super sturdy.

I have to mention- it was fun doing something with just Ben!  We originally planned to bring Lauren (10- youngest allowed) and I’m really glad we didn’t.  The long course is challenging!!!  This is not just a zipline experience.  The longer “Nile River” course is 90 minutes on the ropes and it was a workout.  Seriously, people, I felt like Indiana Jones up there- we were walking across broken bridges and then zipping through treetops.  It was both challenging and exhilarating!  I went expecting a “fun zip” experience like we do from our backyard fort so I worked out both Friday and Saturday morning before we went… that could explain a little of the sore muscles!

Ben, of course, wasn’t sore or tired.  He confidently clambered across bridges and mastered the swinging logs challenge.

I loved the zip lines.  It is so much fun!!  Of course, I’d get to going too fast and then thump into the bumper pads on the other end… I’ll use my glove to hand-brake next time like the instructor taught us.  😉

After the super fun workout at Crocodile Crossing, we grabbed lunch at Meehan’s where we compiled some tips for enjoying this St Augustine zipline attraction:

  1. Slow Down Take time to actually look at the animals below!  It’s not a race, enjoy the “behind the scenes” view!
  2. Hydrate Ahead of Time also drink at each water fountain you come to.  This is a workout.
  3. Wear Workout Clothes You have to wear tennis shoes.  I paired mine with jean shorts and wished I was in workout clothes instead!  I think I would’ve been more comfortable. {read: jean shorts can chafe when the harness rubs against them!}
  4. Potty First Yeah- if you’re on the 90 min course there are no potty breaks.  Pair that with tip #2 & you could have a problem… 😉
  5. Let the Harness do the Work When you’re zipping, it can be instinct to hold yourself up with your arms.  Instead, relax and sit in the harness- enjoy the ride!!  This will save you from super-sore muscles the next day!
  6. Set Aside Time for the Long Course if you enjoy zipping, you get 6 more rides!  They’re higher and longer… highly recommended(though I’ve never done the short one to compare…)
  7. Still Visit the Alligator Farm!!  Think of Crocodile Crossing as a sport.  There are informative signs in the trees and team members on the ground keeping an eye on zippers tell you a little about the crocs you zip over… but believe me, you’ll spend more time climbing and zipping than gazing and reading.  So still go to the Alligator Farm.

I’m so glad my hubby and I went with our teen.  I highly recommend going if you’re in shape and ready for a workout.  The shorter Sepik course may be an option for those less fit- but a group of older folks did climb down without completing that course while we were there- I’ll repeat, it is a workout.  A really, really fun one but a workout nonetheless.

Awwww, yeah!!  We conquered Crocodile Crossing and made a great memory.  Well done, St. Augustine Alligator Farm!  Thanks for adding this fun experience to the attractions in St. Augustine.

Crocodile Crossing at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm
Sepik River Course {45 min} $35, Nile River Course {90 min} $65
999 Anastasia Blvd.
(904) 824-3337

We were guests of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm for our zipline tour.  All opinions are my own, which was easy because it ROCKED!


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      I have not done the kayaking trip there. We have kayaks so have never done a tour or rental. If you go, share with us what you thought!!! Glad you found me, too! 🙂

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