Build Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Readers are always asking for ways to entertain the littles or children of various ages while they are in town! My children love a good scavenger hunt and I count it as a score for mom when I get them interested in what we are doing minus technology. It could be customized for each child with the Build Your Own Scavenger Hunt. 

printable st augustine scavenger hunt

There is a lot of affordable fun to be had in St. Augustine if you’ll get a little creative. This week, create a personalized scavenger hunt to make your kids smile! Simply print the below file, customize it to fit your family with a pen and start making memories. Easy peasey!

I know the challenges of coming up with ideas that are fun across the ages yet still affordable. With this build your own scavenger hunt, you can spend less than $25 and have a blast!

Saint Augustine scavenger hunt

Make it as easy or as hard as you like by filling in the blanks accordingly. Will you look for a butterfly or an ant or a grasshopper? Do you want to jump over a flower or a dog or 4 people kneeling? Get creative and have fun!

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